Guide for writing wedding vows ~~ It doesn’t have to be that hard!

guide for wedding vows

Wedding vow writing guide- it doesn’t have to be that hard!

If you and your future spouse have chosen to write our own vows for your wedding, but you are at a loss of how to write them or even what to write, take a deep breath and relax. It doesn’t have to be that hard and a few tips, with a little organization, can help you write the perfect wedding vows. 

 Choose a Theme for your wedding and your vows

First, choose a theme for your wedding and that can help you with your vows. For example, if you’re doing a Wizard of Oz themed wedding you can choose to write your vows around the themes in the movie: finding love, courage, wisdom, and your way back home. Or if you are doing a garden wedding you can write your vows around your love blooming like the flowers in a garden. This is a very simple way to get your creative juices flowing for writing your vows.  

Look up poetry

Get inspired by the greats. If you have a favorite love poem, read that for ideas. Or look up a collection of love poems and start compiling a list of lines you like. This may lead to you writing your own poem to your love, or even just mixing up a bunch of line that just fit what you’re trying to say. 

Pull out old love letters or emails

If it’s hard for you to remember how romantic the two of you used to be, pull out those old love letters, or in today’s world, those old emails. Read over the funny, sweet, and outright mushy things you used to say and that your partner used to say to you. It will help spark that light of love and remind you of more things you want to say to your other half. 

Work with your partner

If you don’t want to do the writing alone, it’s ok to work with your partner. And it’s ok to ask the officiate or wedding attendants to read the vows for you, in case you two are emotional on your wedding day. Work together to make your wedding vows perfect- you may as well get used to working together for the rest of your lives anyway! 

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