3 wedding hairstyles for short hair that look amazing

bouffant wedding hair style

3 wedding hairstyles for short hair that look amazing 

If you’re trying to save money on your wedding, you may be considering doing your hair and makeup yourself. Many brides are, so it’s really not a huge leap for you to do the same. But if you have short hair, you may be at a loss for what to do with your hair. If so, check out these three hairstyles for short hair that will dazzle on your wedding day.

vintage wedding hair style

Vintage Curls for wedding day

Nothing is sexier and sassier on a bride than those iconic retro curls. There are a few ways to accomplish these, depending on your skill level, tools, and hair length. The first is to twist your hair into tiny little buns all over your head while your hair is wet (think about that ridiculous hairstyle Miley Cyrus wore at the VMA’s and copy it all over your head). Spritz it with strong hold hairspray and then wrap your hair in a head scarf. Wear it that way for a day and when you unwrap it, spray your hair with hairspray again. Let the hairspray dry then take down the buns after your undergarments are on, but before you put on the dress. Blow dry the curls on low and shape them with your fingers. 
Another way to do this is to curl them with a straightener. This is the fastest method and best to do with another person. You do this the day of before you put on your dress, and you will needs lots of hairspray to hold it in place. Heat your straightener and prep your hair with heat-protecting cream. One the cream has settled and dried, section your hair into pieces no larger than 2 inches, all over your head. Use the straightener as you normally would, beginning at the top and moving down your hair, but as you go down, curl the hair under and pull it away from your scalp. If you prefer spiral curls, hold the straightener vertically and wrap your hair in a spiral motion around it. When you reach the bottom, don’t simply let go of the clasp like you would when straightening your hair, but pull until the hair springs away from it, in a curl. After each curl is done, shape with your fingers and spray with hairspray. Let the hairspray dry and spray again before attaching flowers or veils. 

curls wedding hair style

Bouffants for the Modern Woman 

It doesn’t matter what you think of a bouffant, because they have been redefined! If you like the idea of big hair for your wedding, but don’t think you can achieve it with short hair-think again! The bouffant is the way to go and it’s so easy to do. Plus, you can do many different looks.
The first bouffant style to try is the full on bouffant, where you straighten your hair with a straightener and then begin teasing it, sky-high, all over. After all of it is thoroughly teased, shape it into a round shape toward the nape of your neck. Short pieces on the side should be tucked behind your ear. Make sure it is nice and smooth all the way around and lies flat in the back. Spray it in place with hair spray and then attach your hair pieces. 
The next style is to do the above, but separate the hair in the center and make two distinct poofs on the right and left sides of your head, about 5-6 inches back from your forehead. If you want to make this look vintage, make bangs and cur them under with a straightener, following the rules listed in the vintage curls section. This bouffant works great with a veil that will be attached at the back of your head because the ends of your hair will be loose and the veil will hide that, giving your hair the illusion that it’s longer than it is. 
The final bouffant you can try is the same as number one, but flip the ends of your hair out with a straightener. Also, leave bangs that you can either curl or style to the side. 

wild wedding hair style

Get Brave and Go Wild
Many women have short hair because it is so versatile and they can achieve some of the wildest looks out there. If you are a brave bride, take that short hair to the next level and get funky with it. Flip it out, spike it up, and dye wild colors in it to match your wedding colors. Then, add an unexpected soft side to it with flowers, jewels or a tiara. It’s fun and unexpected, plus you’ll feel more like yourself when your hair is styled the way you’re comfortable with wearing it. 

Wedding hairstyles are so personal and vary from each bride. Make sure you find the style that’s right for you!

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