Tips to picking wedding music for your big day!

tips to pick wedding music

Tips to picking wedding music

Picking that perfect day wedding music could be as stressful as picking your dress or cake. Gone are the days when couples had “songs” and traditional marches were played as a bride walked down the aisle. If you are stuck trying to decide what to play at your wedding, take a look at the following.

Pick a Sound for your wedding music

Do you like blues music or country? Maybe rock is more your thing? Whatever style of music you like or want, keep two thing in mind: The music needs to compliment your wedding theme and it needs to flow. For instance, if you have a rustic wedding, playing Katy Perry may seem off to most people, but The Band Perry could be a great choice. If you play Van Morrison one moment, you don’t want to immediately jump into Lady Gaga the next minute. That could create a huge disconnect.

Get Sentimental with your wedding music

It’s ok to get mushy- it’s your wedding! If you heard “I Cross My Heart” by George Straight the night you went on your first date, that’s a totally acceptable song to play at your wedding. Think about those songs that popped up at the right moment and play them. If you don’t have any, ask your mom what song she and your dad danced to at their wedding. Bringing in those old memories could make the wedding sentimental for many people. Don’t forget to pick up a Shed Load of Gifts for the bride and groom.
Don’t Be Too Serious

It’s nice to play love songs, but don’t bring down the mood. There are fun love songs out there, and they can really brighten up the whole attitude of the ceremony and reception. If you and your fiance are fun-loving people, show that in your music. Maybe something like The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love” would make a great wedding march song.
Make a List: Do and Do Not Play

You have that one song that you cannot stand. Maybe it has bad memories for you, or maybe it’s just over-played- whatever the case may be, you can add it to a “Do Not Play” list. As you go through songs you like and hate, write them on the list. Before you know it, you’ll have a sizable list on either side and then you can start picking your ceremony music. 

Section It Off

Roughly 30 minutes before guests are to arrive you should start playing music. This music should set the tone for the wedding and blend well with your ceremony music. Start with two upbeat songs, then a slow song, then two more upbeat songs, then a slow one, and so on until you fill in 30 minutes. 

To make things very simple for the ceremony, play a song for the officiate and the groom to walk down the aisle to. That same song should play as the grandparents and parents are seated, so make sure it’s at least two minutes long. Then, there should be a slight lull in the music and the wedding party music should begin. After the entire wedding party has marched down the aisle, have a slight lull (no more than 15 seconds) and the bridal music begins. This one is usually cut short. During the ceremony, one or two songs max should be played at certain times, and then a song should be played as the groom kisses the bride and the wedding party exits.

For the reception, have a party! It doesn’t have to be all love songs, but stay away from heartbreak songs, too. Play three dance songs, a fun song, then a slow song. Continue that order for the entire reception to give people enough time to dance and have fun. And you should dance and have fun, too! Wedding music should be fun and a representation of you!

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  1. Picking songs for our wedding was one of the most fun things we did when planning.

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