Wedding menu brunch on a budget

wedding menu brunch on a budget


Wedding Menu- 5 Brunch ideas to feed 75-100 people for under $250 

There is a new trend sweeping wedding receptions and it is a great money saver- the brunch wedding. If you are an early riser, or simply love the idea of getting married when the world is still waking up, this could be the wedding reception for you. A breakfast or brunch reception is a perfect compliment to a 
casual wedding, girlish, or whimsical wedding. This is not a great idea for upscale weddings. 
If your reception will start between 9:30 a.m.- 11:30 a.m., go with a breakfast or brunch reception. 

Wedding Menu Brunch Tips- 

To truly pull off this type of reception, tell your guests ahead of time they will be served breakfast style foods for being so kind as to attend a wedding at an unconventional hour. 

Serve food in beautiful china or serving platters. This will make it seem more upscale than it is. Place the food on a buffet for guests to prepare as they like. Not everyone like salt on their eggs, and some people may like honey instead of jelly on biscuits. Give them those options! 

Imagine your favorite breakfast meal and try to recreate that as best as you can for your guests. If you have a local eatery that you attend Sundays after church or on Saturdays with friends, ask them if they would consider catering for you. Breakfast foods are generally inexpensive, so this is the one time catering might be a fantastic idea for stress and your wedding budget. 

Are you having a romantic garden wedding? Serve tea with pastries and fruit. Having a fair themed, whimsical wedding? Serve doughnuts and coffee! Your food should compliment your theme. 

Eggs served in a pan look gross. Biscuits under a warming light get hard. Ask someone to make the food for you during your ceremony to avoid these types of mishaps. Most of the foods listed below take less than 20 minutes to prepare, even in bulk, so it will still be hot when guests get ready to eat. 

Remember you;re serving breakfast portions, so do not plan to feed guests a lot of food. Plan for each guest to have one plate of food. If they’re still hungry they have the rest of the day to get food elsewhere! 

Breakfast or Brunch Menu:

Biscuit Bar

A biscuit bar is simple and perfect for a rustic wedding. Have a friend cook up enough biscuits for each guest to have two each. Pop them in the oven 20 minutes before the reception starts and they should still be nice and hot when guests arrive to the buffet. Toss them in wicker baskets lined with pretty tissue paper and place syrup, honey, butter, and multiple flavored jellies on the buffet in pretty containers that are CLEARLY marked. On another bar place fruit trays you can buy the night before and different juices and pots of coffee, with options for guests to sweeten and favor the coffee as they like. You can also do this with waffles. 

Breakfast Sandwich Bar

Subway is well known for its sandwich bar, and it began offering the same for breakfast. You can allow your guests the opportunity to make their own breakfast sandwich, too, by placing different types of buns, biscuits, and rolls on a buffet with freshly cooked eggs, sausage, bacon, and vegetables. Don’t forget condiments and fruit and yogurt as side dishes! 

Fruit Crepes and Yogurt

Order fruit crepes from a local breakfast place and serve them to guests with their choice of yogurt to accompany the crepe. Pair with mimosas for a true upscale brunch that will leave your guests full until lunch. 

Doughnuts and Coffee

It’s the perfect breakfast for those on the go, but it doesn’t have to be impersonal or cheap. Visit a place like Dunkin’ Doughnuts that offers a large variety of doughnut favors and ask them to cater your reception for you. Simply place your large order a week in advance and pick it up early in the morning. Do NOT leave the doughnuts in boxes, though. Place them on nice serving trays. To save money, make your own coffee flavors from recipes you find online and place them in large thermoses or pump-pots on a bar. Now you have a doughnut and coffee bar with variety. Place fruit, chocolate, and mints in small dishes on the end of the buffet to give guests the feeling that this breakfast or brunch is al about letting go and having fun for the rest of the day. 

Tea Time

It’s always a good time for tea, and if you have a vintage, garden, or romantic wedding, offering tea and coffee along with bagels and cream cheese, cucumber sandwiches, strawberries dipped in chocolate, and parfaits will really set off the theme. This is great for the later morning receptions and for the couple that want to give their guests options. It’s very much like offering appetizers for breakfast. 

Having a wedding menu brunch on a budget is a great idea! You will want to bookmark this to refer back to! 

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Wedding Menu Brunch on a Budget

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Wedding Brunch Ideas to feed 75-100 people for under $250


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