How to plan a wedding in 10 weeks or less

how to plan a wedding in 10 weeks or less

How to plan a wedding in 10 weeks or less

You’re engaged- congratulations! And you have decided that you don’t want (or can’t have) a long engagement. So what are you to do if you want to plan a nice wedding, on a dime, and fast? You follow this easy guide, of course! 

Steps to plan a wedding in 10 weeks or less

Buy a planner

You will need one. Get it now and save yourself some headache.

Download an app

You will need it, too, especially when on the go. Download one of the many free wedding planning apps out there and get started. Find one that is customization to save yourself hassle, headache, and unnecessary work. 

Set your date and time and location

Do all of these things at once so that you will eliminate confusion when you start picking your bridal party. If you and your fiance agree on September 16 at 6 p.m., in your hometown, stick to it!

Pick your party

Let them know the date, time, and location up front when asking them to be in the wedding. You’re planning this quickly, so they will need to know if they’re already booked that week and cannot accept your invite to be in the wedding. 

Plan your theme

On week two of your wedding planning, plan your theme. You need to have this down before you make any lists or buy a sing item. Spend the whole week researching colors, patterns, and themes and settle on one. If you want to plan it quickly, though, keep it simple. 

Book your venue and get to hiring 

On week three, book your venue and hire all the people you will need , like a photographer, officiate, and florist. These need to be booked within six weeks before the wedding, so spend this week getting those people booked to help you or asking people you know to pitch in. 

Make your to-do and shopping list

On the fourth week, use that calendar and app to make yourself a to-do and shopping list. You should also tell the bridal party, the groom, and everyone else the dress code and requirements. Speaking of dresses- have you found yours? Get to looking! You should have it and all accessories bought at least four weeks before the wedding to allow time for any last minute alterations. 


On week five you need to send out invites. That came fast, huh? That’s why you needed the venue, date and time set so soon! Focus your energy on invites this week and make them happen. There are many DIY options, so no need to order and spend more time and money. This is the week you should also buy rings. After they’re purchased of the way, you can focus on the rest of your to-do and shopping list because the major things are out of the way! 

Don’t go big name

When buying your dress, do not go big name or you will spend more money than you need and you may not have time to get alterations done. Go with a smaller boutique, or order one form an online site and have a local seamstress alter it for you. 

Don’t go for cake

Cupcakes, pies, and dessert bars are faster to make, cheaper, and can be ordered as little as one week in advance. Try that instead of buying a huge cake that could take a chunk out of your budget and cause you more stress than it’s worth. 

Do a potluck

Have people pitch in to help instead of doing all the food on your own or having a caterer. You could also opt for catering from a local restaurant, but be sure to order with them three weeks before the wedding. 

Your wedding is now planned in less than 10 weeks and is sure to be a beautiful event.  Congratulations! Do you have tips for planning a quick wedding that we’ve not thought of? Leave us a comment and let us know what worked for you! 

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  1. Once the theme is picked and your dresses are done you are good to go. This is a great list. I never put too much time into my wedding and used friends and family to cut down on cost.

  2. I can’t even imagine doing a wedding in 10 weeks but it’s been done and done well so go for it!! and yes, cupcakes.

  3. Great information. I think it’s totally doable, but it’s going to be a busy 10 weeks. I just went to Vegas, so there was very little planning involved other than booking the chapel and figuring out where we wanted to stay.

  4. Great tips! I wish we had things like Pinterest and blogs to help us with our wedding. If we ever do a renewal, this will be a lot of help!

  5. Lots of great ideas! I know it’s do-able because I planned mine in about 4 1/2 weeks! Everyone was shocked at how great it turned out AND how little I spent. Weddings are wonderful but they are only 1 day – saving that additional money for your future with your spouse is definitely a smarter way to look at it.

  6. Great tips! I planned mine in about a year and a half, 10 weeks would be a lot of work depending on the person and wedding, but luckily you have them off to the right start.

  7. My Brother and Sister in law and Cupcakes and Pie. It was adorable. Great tip! I will say, when I watch 4 weddings on TLC, the less expensive ones are usually just as good as the real big weddings

  8. Great post! I’ve been planning my wedding for 9 months and I feel like it’s sucked the life out of me!

  9. Way to go, I would have never been able to plan a wedding in 10 weeks! What really helped me was having a wedding planner, she thought of all of the stuff that I didn’t and helped me stay on track!

  10. These are some great tips for planning a wedding on short notice. I will keep some in mind for whenever I remarry.

  11. Great advice on getting a wedding together fast especially the advice to buy a planner and get an app. Those can really get and keep you on track.

  12. This is all great advice – I think it’s totally doable! I think the reason it usually takes people a long time is because they are saving up money!

  13. Great ideas here for wedding planning. I don’t think I know anyone who’s ever pulled that off!

  14. These are great tips! I decided to avoid all of that and just get married by a Justice of the Peace! 🙂

  15. Good tips. I gave myself a year to plan my wedding to ensure it was as I hoped. I can’t imagine trying to throw it together so quickly. I think if you need to do it in a short amount of time for whatever reason then you need to make sure you understand that you might not get to have it exactly as you had in your mind.

  16. These are all great ideas! I planned my wedding in a few weeks but didn’t make it a huge, expensive event. It’s an important day, but it’s just one day of many in your life together.

  17. It was interesting to read this post. I got married long ago before apps and all that were around to make things easier to organize.

  18. My #1 plan for a wedding in 10 weeks or less would be to think of some non-traditional venues or having a weekday wedding. Less than 10 weeks away would be HARD to book a venue!

  19. i planned my wedding in about three hours! IT was a whirlwind! haha

  20. My mom planned mine and my husband’s wedding in about 10 weeks. I really don’t know how she pulled it off. She did end up hiring a planner just to help with flowers and other things she didn’t have time to tackle. She really did it all and it was awesome. AND…she stuck to her budget! Great tips here. I think I would pull my hair out if I had to plan one myself.

  21. A planner is essential when planning a wedding, let alone a quick wedding. These were all great tips.

  22. I think a potluck would be so nice for saving money. My brother-in-law just had a wedding and people showed up for the dinner (that did not RSVP for it) and it caused such a hassle and undue stress (or people who did RSVP for the dinner brought extra guests w/o asking). Potluck would solve that in a hurry. 🙂

  23. Great tips! We planned ours in a little over 10 weeks. Got engaged in December and Married mid-february.

  24. I think once you have a theme or color scheme things can come together pretty quick. All of my choices from dresses to food to decorations fell into place once I picked out colors.

  25. I have no experience in planning a real wedding. We threw mine together in a week, and there were no theme or colors.

  26. I remember planning my wedding and it was lot of work. I wish I had a quick and handy guide like this one to help me focus.

  27. Great tips for planning a wedding quickly! We took almost 10 months to plan, but it really shouldn’t have taken that long. I sometimes wish we had taken less time so we could’ve had a late summer wedding rather than October.

  28. That is the fastest wedding plan and would take discipline… Love your tips.

  29. We planned our wedding quickly but not this quickly. Great general list for brides!

  30. I planned a wedding in about 3 months. Definitely doable if you stay focused.

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