Little Chickies is a fun interactive read for our Littles   Straight out the little cardboard bookcase you can choose either the English or Spanish side.  The pictures and storyline are the same whichever you choose. Little Chickies are born, then want food, then need sleep. They shout “¡pío! ¡pío! ¡pío!” (Cheep cheep cheep). Flaps are […]

e-Murderer book tour and giveaway

  On this anything but typical Monday morning Jenna Scali, who works part-time for a shrink, opens an email that depicts the brutal death of a young girl. On that same day the police uncover a dead coed two blocks from Jenna’s house. The e-murderer’s description creepily echos the death described in the newspapers. When […]

Fringe Benefits and Kindle Giveaway 5/3 US

Imperfect Women and Forever Romance are excited to bring you this awesome giveaway along with author Sandy James. This giveaway will feature Sandy’s latest romance novel, Fringe Benefits. This new book in Sandy’s The Ladies Who Lunch series is on sale April 21. Here is a little info on Sandy’s latest fabulous release: When life […]

Romancing Redemption excerpt

This is the third book in a series where the plot points carry over. All plot points will be resolved by book FIVE – the end of the series. This is a sweet style romance. With her heart at war with her mind, Lisa’s need to chase dangerous fun over boring responsibilities tugs at her […]

VA Dold’s newest release Stefan book tour and excerpt

El is a beautiful, successful, plus sized woman suffering from a debilitating humiliation that has left her hating all handsome, wealthy men exactly like Stefan Le Beau. Unfortunately for Le Beau, she’s known him since she was sixteen and was totally snubbed by him. To her, he’s a hound dog and a man-whore. Stefan is […]

A Date to Die For excerpt and book tour

A Date to Die for: The Complete Experience $2.99 Release Day – A Date to Die for: 5, 6, & 7: Dirty Twist, Check Mate, & Last Chance On Sale $.99!! Date to Die for: Series #1 When dating ends in deaths and threats, Molly might be better off staying single. During one of Molly’s […]

Favors and Lies Book Review

I’ve been a romance reader forever.  But here lately they’re not doing it for me. I can’t finish a single romance I start. They’re boring me to tears. There’s nothing boring about Favors and Lies. It’s action packed from the first chapter. This one kept me guessing. Mark Gilleo’s character Dan is someone I want […]

The Secret Journal of Ichabod Crane #giveaway

  “I am Ichabod Crane, born in the year 1747. It seems this is the year 2013 Anno Domini, and I have been given new life—how, I know not; why, I know not. I will discern the truth—if, that is, I can keep my head.” In “Sleepy Hollow,” a supernatural twist on Washington Irving’s classic […]

Seaside Dreams Book Review and Tour

Seaside Dreams is a new series by one of my new favorite authors, Melissa Foster. It follows The sassy Bella who is in a transition phase of her life. Leaving her job and home in Connecticut to return to her beachside summer hangout. There she meets Caden, a cop who’s going through the trauma of […]

Seaside Dreams Book Tour

NEW RELEASE SEASIDE SUMMERS BOOK #1 The newest addition to the LOVE IN BLOOM series, featuring a group of fun, sexy, and emotional friends who gather each summer at their Cape Cod cottages. They’re funny, flawed, and will have you begging to enter their circle of friends. You met them in READ, WRITE, LOVE (The […]

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