Innotab Max #giveaway 11/22 US

My kids have always loved doing what mom is doing. This tablet would help those little ones feel like they are big stuff. The would love to play with this and it would make a great gift under the tree this holiday season! With great features such as parental controls, educational games for a variety […]

Paypal or Amazon $25 #giveaway

As a person who loves to enter giveaways I love that you can win what you want and not something you don’t need. Who doesn’t need $25! So read on and enter below. I hope one of my readers wins! Leave a comment and enter on! This is the second Comment Starter Giveaway hosted by […]

Textra Mat from Microdry #Giveaway 8/18 US

Textra Mat From Microdry Giveaway  I so need one of these for my kitchen. It’s necessary for when I have to stand and cook as well as do dishes, chop food, etc. My feet need this. I have one for you to enter to win. Read below and find out why you need one too!  […]

Back to School foldable laundry basket giveaway 8/14 US

It’s back to school time and boy have I been doing laundry. It seems like it never ends. If you’ve got one getting ready to go off to college teaching them to do their laundry is a necessity! Find a giveaway for a great foldable laundry basket below! I love foldable, flat items that I […]

$200 Toys R Us or Cash Paypal Giveaway

Welcome to the $200 Toys R Us Gift Card Giveaway! Award winning author Carole P. Roman is a former teacher turned businesswoman. She has successfully run a family business with her husband that employs close to five hundred people. Her most favorite job is being grandmother to her many grandchildren. Roman has two wonderful sons […]

Another Great Back to school hamper/tote giveaway! great for college kids!

With all the kids getting ready for back to school are you busy doing crazy amounts of laundry? Are you ready to see them off? Are you packing your kids off for college? MicroDry has a great self-standing Hamper that converts into a tote to take back and forth to the laundry room, laundromat or […]

Memory Foam Bath Mat by microdry #giveaway #win 8/9 US

I have a junior in high school. It’s scary to me how soon I will be getting him ready to go to college. I would love to win one of these for him to take with him. Instead I am giving one away to you guys! You got to enter to win. Read below to […]

Back to School Laundry Tote #giveaway 8/5 US

Whether you are getting ready to send a child to college, moving your grown child out to a new apartment or just have a worn out old laundry tote. We brought you a great new Microdry Hamper tote for you to win. Make sure you enter to win! Tell me what’s the worst or best […]

$100 gift card giveaway (visa, target, walmart) 8/22 US #win #giveaway

Welcome to the Winners Choice Gift Card Giveaway! Hosted by Extreme Saving Moms   Sharing giveaways that I know my readers can use makes me happy. With this giveaway you could decide to get groceries, go shopping for back to school supplies or even get the kids new clothes and shoes. It’s your choice! How […]

The beginning of a week of back to school #giveaway! back to school laundry tote

This is our first in a back to school giveaway. I love to win things that are perfect for that special time of year. Have someone going off to college. In a dorm, in a home or in an apartment this is perfect for anyone ready for college. Check out the giveaway of the MicroDry […]

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