How to do a themed wedding that’s classy and unique

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How to do a themed wedding that’s classy and unique

Doing a themed wedding can be the downfall of some people. It is either overly done or the theme falls flat. To avoid either of those for your themed wedding, get ready to do some major planning that will certainly pay off in the end.

List your theme

Do you want to do a movie theme, like Alice in Wonderland or a zombie theme? Maybe you just want something simple, like a nautical theme or a garden inspired wedding. Whatever you want, list your theme in detail. For example, don’t just say “I want a hot air balloon wedding.” No, you want a “hot air balloon wedding in a field with simple accessories and decorations.” See the difference?

Make a color palate

Choose no more than 5 colors for your color palate, or else you will start getting confused and bogged down. List a main color (like ivory), two supporting colors (like navy blue and yellow), and two accent colors (like red and silver). These will be your go to colors when you start decorating and you’ll need to pick and choose which colors to use on each accessory to make the theme come together. Your aisle runner, for example, would look great in a supporting color (yellow, for this example) decorated in an accent color (like the silver), while the bows you choose to decorate your aisle chairs would be in the other supporting color with a touch of the first supporting color in it (like navy blue bows with yellow polka dots) accented in the remaining accent color (with a red flower at every other bow). This uses all colors appropriately in the right amounts. 

Write down your elements

Write down the things you love about your theme and that are essential to making your theme happen. Do you love the ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz? Those would be great to incorporate in a Wizard of Oz themed wedding because they are iconic parts of the movie. If you are having a garden wedding, you will definitely need flowers. If you have chosen a hot air balloon theme, you’ll need hot air balloons (at least a few fake ones). If it is important to have to make the theme a success, it is an “element” and needed as decoration. 

List your needs

You will have things you need to make your whole wedding come to life. Aisle runner, archway, tablecloths, etc, are all things you may need. Make a list of essentials that cannot be skipped.

List your wants

If you want a large cardboard anchor to be part of your reception decorations for your nautical themed wedding, but it isn’t necessary, list it as a “want.” You may not get everything you want from this list, but you will get some things, so list all your wildest wedding accessory desires!

Draw a picture

Literally, draw a picture. Even if you aren’t an artist, a picture will help you visualize your space and what you need. Draw out your ceremony space and how you want it set up first. List all your needs first and have it completed before bringing in wants. Go to your “wants” list and start taking items from that list to help decorate your ceremony space. Don’t overdo it, though! Just use what will look good, and list colors! Then, do this with the reception space.

Update your list

Now, take a look at your wants list and mark off the things that have moved to the “needs” list based on your drawings. You have just made a themed wedding that wasn’t overdone.

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  1. I had a beach wedding which was my theme & loved it. Much of which was DIY. Very cherished memories.

  2. great ideas…I’ll pass it on to my son who is getting married this summer.

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