3 unique wedding venues that can save you a lot of money


3 wedding venues that will save you money

3 Unique Wedding Venues that can save you a lot of money

Aside from finding that perfect White Ivory Sweetheart Wedding Dress Bride Gown (stunning and inexpensive!)
dress on a dime, finding the perfect venue can also be a very stressful part of wedding planning. If you want to save some cash and still make an impression with your venue, consider one of these great and very unique options. TIP: Have the reception in the same place as the ceremony to really save some money. 

Public Park

You may have considered a park, but have you thought about a public park? Many areas have gorgeous park settings and there’s nothing like the natural beauty of an outdoor wedding to help decorate your scene for you. Try a gazebo at a park, or a pavilion by a river. You could even plan a space off of a walking trail. Just get there early enough, set up your space, and have someone or a few people make sure your things aren’t disturbed. If you want to make it even cheaper and easier, do the ceremony in the morning and have a picnic lunch in the same spot afterward.  Make sure to check with your town to make sure you don’t need a permit first. 


Backyard weddings aren’t unique, but if you don’t have a backyard have you considered asking someone you know if you can use their space? Or if they know of someone that would be willing to give up their yard for 48 hours? You can set up rules, the person can be in attendance, and you can have a short, sweet, and small affair for little to nothing (or free) in a cozy backyard setting.  My wedding took place in my backyard and I loved it. 

An abandoned bridge

This may sound crazy, but think about- no one is driving on it, and what’s it being used for? If it is safe and you have access to it without doing anything illegal, go for it! The scenery alone will be astounding, and the venue will definitely have people talking. Set up tables and chairs, make it an intimate affair, and do a sunset wedding on a bridge. Doesn’t that sound so romantic? Make sure to check with the town the bridge is in to make sure you don’t need a permit. 

Weddings are all about the bride and groom. Why do it so expensively that you can’t enjoy your honeymoon? I’d rather have a lovely honeymoon and an ok wedding. My honeymoon is where the memories of our beginning will be so fresh and engrained. Think outside the box and you can enjoy your wedding inexpensively. What other unique wedding venues can you think  of that would save you money?

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