10 Must Haves for Kids Easter Baskets

What are your must haves for kids Easter Baskets? My kids tend to get the same thing every year. They get:


Sidewalk Chalk



Chocolate rabbit

chocolate marshmallow rabbit


a little bit of money tucked in an egg

Small stuffed rabbit/lamb/duck

I tend to do the same thing every year. I manage to make my kids Easter Baskets every year for less than $8 per basket. Of course, we reuse the same baskets every year. I know the bubbles and sidewalk chalk have their days numbered as my kids get older. For the first time I asked my 15 year old if he wanted the basket or the cash. Sigh, he asked for the cash. Sniff, sniff. Why must our sweet babies grow up so fast? I swear it was just yesterday he was throwing a fit because we were leaving a store, he wanted to play with the toys longer. Ok maybe there is a good reason they grow up. lol Happy Easter friends!


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