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We celebrate Easter by going to church and then having a big family dinner with our extended family. I always make an Easter cake and found some cute ones on Pinterest for this year. Dinner is a grand affair with tons of food and drinks. We eat the usual: ham, green beans, champagne salad, vegetable tray, deviled eggs, potato salad and lots of desserts.
Is eating as big an affair at your house as it is mine? Eating is almost always a big family affair. How do you feel when you are with family and there are lots of children around? We are all usually happy, lots of talking, laughing, and children playing. No wonder we have an obesity problem in our country, or should I say in my family. Does eating equal happiness or happiness equal eating? It shouldn’t.
Here’s some quick tips for you to get through Easter without gaining too many peeps, oops I mean pounds.
  • Drink lots of water. Water makes you feel fuller and then you eat less. It also has no calories so on days you are eating a big meal make sure you drink water so you don’t consume more calories from your drinks.
  • Eat breakfast. Eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism and keeps your sugars level for the start of your day. Eating breakfast can actually make you eat less the rest of the day.
  • Eat your food on a white plate. People who put food on their white plate eat less. Darker colored plates make it easier to pile the food on.
  • Eat what you want. If you’re at the dinner and you really don’t want the ham and green bean casserole but you do want cake. Eat cake. No reason to eat the food you don’t want. That’s just more calories. Of course, this should be an exception not the rule for eating.
  • Before you go to the dinner have a small protein filled snack. Nuts, string cheese, etc is a great source of protein and will help you feel full so that you eat less.
  • Put the food away as soon as everyone has stopped eating. Don’t leave it out for people to continue to munch on. Out of site out of mouth is a good way to think of it.
Holidays are for family. Just remember to be there and be present for your family traditions. Eat and have a good time. Keep an eye on those marshmallow bunnies though. Eat, have fun, enjoy family and leave the peeps out of your basket. Peeps are for kids.


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