7 Bridal Shower Games The Girls Will Love

7 Bridal Shower Games The Girls Will Love

bridal shower games

Bridal showers are one of those parts of the wedding experience that the bride gets to enjoy with her best gal pals. Usually a little more tame than a bachelorette party but still just as fun! My maid-of-honor when all out for my bridal shower which was an Alice in Wonderland theme and we had such a wonderful time. We also played some fun games that were really great ice breakers for those that didn’t know the others before meeting at the party. So with that in mind I thought I would write a post for any of your Bridal Shower party throwers out there that are looking for some fun Bridal Shower Games to include in your party! Let’s check them out! Continue reading “7 Bridal Shower Games The Girls Will Love”

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