Menu Monday I have 8 days of dinners, lunches and breakfasts planned out!

I love a good challenge. When we get low on funds it doesn’t bother me a bit to see how far I can stretch what we already have. So we are low on funds and don’t get paid for 8 days and here’s what we’ll be eating out of our own fridge this week!    […]

Menu Monday #planyourmeals #menumonday

Making dinner is not always fun and yes, it’s actually work. But I can’t afford to eat out every night so here’s my plan so I don’t fail!  Monday~ Meatless Monday for us We are having Pasta Alfredo with kale  Tuesday~Taco Tuesday hopefully my avocados are ripe so I can make guacamole!  Wednesday~BBQ chicken legs […]

Menu Monday Let’s plan some meals! #menumonday

Due to replacing a roof, needing a transmission and paying property taxes we will be eating out of our fridge and freezer this week. And we’ll be thankful we have it! Here’s some meals I’ll be making with what I have already!  Monday~Meatless Monday Black bean vegetable soup it looks like a great recipe. Tuesday~Using my […]

Menu Monday It’s what’s for dinner! #menumonday

They say if you don’t make a plan you plan to fail so I’m making my dinner plans for the week today. Won’t you join me?  Monday is always meatless. This week we’ll try a new recipe. Linguine with broccoli and parmasan cream sauce. Oh Yum. Tuesday will be all about eating our many leftovers […]

Menu Monday Let’s Eat

  We are trying to pay for a new roof on our home. That costs a lot of money. So we’ve been working very hard at eating at home and not eating out. Here’s what we’ll be eating this week.  Monday Meatless Monday We will have Fettucini Alfredo (low fat) with kale, onions, fresh garlic […]

Menu Monday use it up!

I’ve known for a little while that I have to pick up 40 lbs of fresh chicken today. So we have been eating out of our freezer so that I can hopefully put 40 lbs of chicken in there. It’s made for some interesting meals. It will make for some more interesting meals this week […]

Menu Monday #menumonday #planyourfood

The day in and day out of making meals for my family gets old. Doesn’t it? Ugh. It’s the same question every night. It’s easier to be able to tell them what I’ve planned if I have already planned it. So here’s my menu list of dinners for the week. Please send me a lifeline […]

Menu Monday Use it up week! #menumonday

We just got back from a short vacation. We had a blast and as all vacations go spent more then I wanted too. So this will most definitely be a use it up week. Here’s what we are having for dinners this week.  Monday Ground turkey chili It’s simmering right now and smells divine. I […]

Menu Monday #menumonday #planyourmeals

Planning my meals for the week. More planning equals less chance of eating out. Of course with a family of 5 we do not eat out very often. It’s just too expensive. Our little babies are 16, 10 and 7.  Only the 7 year old eats a kids meal!  So no eating out for us. […]

It’s Menu Monday! Woot! Let’s plan dinner. #menumonday

We’re home from a lovely quiet vacation and I’m planning dinners based on what I already have in my freezer so that I don’t go back to the store again. Let’s do this! Anyone want to join me in a use what you already have week of menus? Let’s see what interesting things I can […]

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