Planning my garden

I spent the other day looking through a gardening catalogue. I, so, want to be a better gardener. I will need to rent a tiller so my dh doesn’t have to use the old piece of crap tiller we have borrowed every year. It’s money well spent to get a nice garden going. I’m going […]

Taking my son and his girlfriend to the movies…

how did I get this old? He’s about to turn 15 and she’s in his criminal justice class. They’re both freshmen. Her dad is home today and giving him all kinds of funny warnings. Like his favorite song is “cleaning my shotgun”. Which are all things I know my dh will be saying when it’s […]

The dishwasher repairman came today…

my less than one year old dishwasher is possessed. I can’t believe I had to call a repairman out while an item is under warrenty. My mom had her dryer for like 37 years. Where did those days go? Now your lucky if the appliance lasts a year. My repairman was really nice. He loves […]

How does your hubby tell you he loves you? Uh, tires, of course!

It’s the little things that tell you your husband loves you. My hubby and I were talking the other day. Not about anything special. But he said something that will probably forever stand out in my mind. He said, “I put the expensive tires on your car. Not because they are the most expensive but […]

I missed a special occasion

this past week. It’s one I’d rather not ever have had to celebrate. I can’t believe I missed it this year. See, 4 years ago my best friend since 3rd grade was murdered by her so called ex-boyfriend. The day he did this we get together and celebrate her beautiful life for the way she […]

Merry Christmas friends

don’t forget to enter yesterdays giveaway for a $50 gift code to Dayspring. There are so many great goodies to get for yourself or your family. The entryform is in yesterday’s post. Don’t forget to enter…you have to enter to win! Merry Christmas friends.

Merry Christmas Friends

It’s my favorite time of the year. The time for us to focus on what really matters. Family. My hubby and I are having a great year together. After 14 years of it being all about the children we finally have one child old enough to babysit. So, him and I get out regularly to […]

Want to win $50 or possibly $100?

nah…me neither. Who needs money? lol Visit my unentitled life and follow the directions to win!

How cute is this!

You must get one for your children! 🙂

My Review: Her One Night Prince

I love books that give you that warm fuzzy feeling when you are finished reading it. Her One Night Prince did that for me. It’s a book about a shy, reserved woman who takes care of her father and tries to convince herself she doesn’t have time for love. She’s heading back to her reunion […]

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