ABC’s of Marriage

A~Arrange to take a date night together weekly.

B~Be kind and treat your partner the way you want to be treated

C~Connect with your partner by spending a minimum of 5 minutes alone without the kids each day

D~Dream together. Share the dreams that you want to accomplish in this life.

E~Encourage each other daily.

F~Feelings Share your feelings, s/he’s not a mind reader.

G~Grow together by finding new things to learn.

H~Happiness breeds Happiness…it’s contagious so be happy.

I~I Love You say it often.

J~Joyfully do things for your spouse. Don’t do it for kudos, do it for yourself.

K~Keep the spark alive and kiss for one minute every day.

L~Love the life you’ve been given and the partner that you choose.

M~Manage your money because it is an important aspect of a happy marriage.

N~Notice the little things. Did you get a haircut today? Trust me they love that you noticed.

O~Object only when necessary (and not often!) 🙂

P~Promise your love.

Q~Quality time If you’re not spending time together start today.

R~Read  uplifting marital books.

S~Sex Have it frequently to reconnect.

T~Think before you speak and make your words thoughtful.

U~Unintentional Words still hurt. Say I’m sorry and move on.

V~Value time with your spouse (especially if you have kids).

W~Withholding sex should not be an option.

X~Xamine your relationship yearly and make new goals for your marriage.

Y~You should be taken out of the equation. You are now two. Work together for solutions.

Z~Zone Get into the zone together. It’s always more fun when you do things with your spouse.

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