Schools out…Christmas Crafts…OH YEAH BABY!!! Don’t let those littles get bored!!

OK…Ok…ok…I admit it…I put up 6 (s-i-x) Christmas trees…

Am I crazy…maybe…but oh how much fun my grandchildren have watching them no matter what room they are in!!! So maybe not crazy…maybe just spirited…yeah yeah let’s go with that….Christmas Spirited!!

First, the memories tree…

All my kids are grown now but I still decorate the tree with the ornaments we collected over the years whether it be different store bought balls we went together and picked out to all the different crafts they brought home from school, and church class, etc. Its a big mismatched tree of fun and love….and it is…MY FAVORITE!



The rest…

They range from the Charlie Brown tree…to a white tree to a small living room tree to special tree in our bedroom they get to pile up in our room and watch it glow… 


to the tallest tree upstairs that is bare….until we all gather for Christmas together and everyone puts ornaments on…together…img_6633


This year’s additions…

I have 8 grandchildren of my own AND I teach a preschool class….I LOVE LOVE LOVE ordering crafts from Oriental Trading to do with them all. They come all together ready to lay out and execute! Takes the big prep time out of it! And they are SO easy to do!!!

We did snow man ornaments and peppermint candy handprints…



The handprint craft comes in 3 pieces and includes the paint! We just used a sponge brush to paint the little hands and then glued them on! Easy peasy!



The snowman ornaments were just clear balls I got online sent straight to my door! Took some puff paint in black and orange to do the faces ahead of time. 


We let the littles stuff the poly fill in to make the snowman white and snap it shut! We added a tiny top hat to ours that I had used on another craft earlier in the year!


Red string to make it complete!!! Ready for the tree!!



Stay tuned! We will be doing a picture frame craft this next week I’ll post! 


Get on over to Oriental Trading and get busy not bored!!!




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