Top 5 Things To Love About Fall!!!

It’s that time of year….everyone’s eating and drinking Pumpkin Spice everything….what are my Top 5 things to love….here we go!!!

1. Change! 

The leaves on the trees are changing. Some immediately turn brown and fall away. Many turn several shades of yellow, orange, and reds before falling away. The trees will go bare….but it won’t last long…this process. it must happen, for in the Spring new life, fresh starts, saplings from their seeds and discarded mulch will be born.


Yeah in case you haven’t figured it out, I’m not just talking about the trees! These trees and their renewal is just an inkling of what our lives are, or can be. We have many seasons of our lives and we must sometimes shed the old leaves and lay dormant for a little while for new growth in our life. Sometimes its habits we need to shed or even start developing. Maybe a job needs to be changed or the people in your circle. I’ll have to say, more than just the season changes I try to work on habits both good and bad that need changing! More volunteering and helping people. Less being irritated and cranky. All works in progress, and always will be! All my jobs are all things I love. Sometimes I have to step back and say I love this or that, but even in things you love you have to find ways to improve them…and on the flip side knowing what works and leave it alone. For the people in my circle, they are my Evergreens <3 I have spent so much time making this small circle I call mine. 

2. Structure!

Kida are back in school! The household resumes some sense of normalcy! Summer is fun with all its willy nillyness but having the schedule back on track makes life so much easier. And it makes the willy nillyness of Christmas break something to look forward to! 



3. Ghouls and Saints!

We sure love Halloween here and deciding what we will be to trick or treat! We love carving pumpkins!  Then as we send out October and welcome in November we LOVE the November 1st All Saints Day Parade! 


4. Bonfires and Chili

Living on a small farm we LOVE having bonfires in our field! Throw some chili in the crock pots, roast some hot dogs! OHHHHH and don’t forget marshmallows for the Smores!!!


5. And last but not least…breaking out those adorable clothes and boots!

I do love my shorts and flip flops but Fall renders some of the CUTEST sweaters and boots one cannot sport in the summer! Let’s not forget all those hoodies, and leggings that emerge when the mercury takes that first dip as well!!



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