Play Nook/Book Nook For Toddlers

What to do with the old playpen when you’re toddler doesn’t need it?

I don’t know about you guys but I LOVE repurposing things instead of discarding them! I had an old playpen upstairs and decided to make it into something the littles could still use and love! 

First dust off and set up the old playpen!

Old Playpen

Next cut away one side of the mesh…

Cut One Side of Mesh Away

Super easy for them to climb in and out of on their own!

Comfy it up! 

I used a matching set of playpen/crib sheets so they could have a top on it like a tent as well!! Add a few comfy pillows and they will be in and out reading books, playing with their favorite toys, and even watching a show from in there! I even find them napping in there now and then!

Comfy It Up

Next just add some Littles!!!!!!

Playpen 1Play Time Fun



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