Valentines Day…OR…..

Valentine’s Day…ScamEmTimes Day..Am I Right…

Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I have been married over 26 years and this year will celebrate our 27th Valentine’s Day and YES we do celebrate! But we try not to fall into the hoopla that surrounds this day monetarily! We have in the past, our first few Valentines days came with long stemmed roses, huge cards, jewelry, candy….

I was in a local supermarket yesterday when a very young (obviously and does not know the repercussions of talking too much lol) cashier who had scanned my supplies then clocked out right after my order and was walking to her car when I was walking to mine. She told me she usually works in Floral and she couldn’t believe the markup that started about a month ago (so as not to be so sudden I guess?) on the Roses and arrangements as well as the candy!! Nothing I wasn’t already aware of, hence the supplies I bought!  I’m going to share what I am making my husband this Valentine’s Day and I tell ya it could go either way with the genders…I would absolutely love these gifts given to me as well! Thoughtful and I know he won’t need a day of overtime away to make up the cost!

Kisses For When I’m Not With You (SMOOCH)

Supplies (Some you might have around the house already!)

Mason Jar (any size you want….I used giant because he REALLY loves his chocolate)

Hershey’s Kisses (STAY OUT OF THE SEASONAL AISLE! I bought the traditional bag of kisses for $3, the Valetines bag of the same size was $5.49!!)

Heart Tissue Paper

Red Material (COMPLETELY optional, I had some leftover in my sewing bag)

Kisses For When I’m Not Around Print Out (OR write it out and stick it to the lid!)

Kisses Supples Too


Top Of Kisses



It’s that easy! It’s thoughtful! And it’s delicious! I’ll put it in the driver’s seat of his truck to have!

Kisses Complete


Lottery Ticket Bouquet

Small Bud Vase

Tissue Paper


Wooden Skewers

Lottery Tickets


Hot Glue Gun

Close Up Lottery Supplies


Hot glue the tickets ( Don’t hot glue over the bar code) and signs to the skewers. Then break them off into different sizes

Lottery Bouquet Close Up

Assemble into the bud vase…. There ya have it folks!

Lottery Complete


So don’t stress it! Easy and thoughtful! 


P.S. I’ll also make him his very favorite special Valentine’s Day dinner! Recipe next week! Come back and see!

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  1. Christa Bradford says

    So cute!

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