All About Me

Here are a few things about me…

My name is Cyndi. I’m working with Dina to get the blog up and going again. Let’s get to know me. I married the love of my life over 26 years ago…this is a pic of us on our 25th Anniversary Vow Renewal. We’ve had ups and down, but I’d do every down again to experience the ups. He is truly my best friend and the love of my life. 

Love Of My Life

One Big Crazy Family

We have raised one big crazy family…they are our pride and joy. (We’ve added one since this pic too!) It’s a crazy time when we are together but there is nothing more I love to hear than their boisterous noise.

One Big Crazy Family

The Farm

We live on a small, still developing farm. We love our garden and our animals. We hope to add pigs and goats this Spring!

Small Farm

Friends And Fun

We LOVE our Friends and our gatherings. We try to make sure we go out, or get together in, at least once a month. These gatherings are entertaining to say the least. These are the sisters of my heart.

Friends Gathering

The Beach is the Greatest Place On Earth

The beach is by far my favorite place on earth next to home. The sand, the sun, the salt…its what my soul craves.

Beach Favorite

Enjoy The Ride

We love to craft and DIY in all aspects of life. We love to cook and clean and adventure. I’m going to share this with you and hang on….I hope you enjoy the ride!!!

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