Menu Monday It’s what’s for dinner! #menumonday

Menu Monday

They say if you don’t make a plan you plan to fail so I’m making my dinner plans for the week today. Won’t you join me? 

Monday is always meatless. This week we’ll try a new recipe. Linguine with broccoli and parmasan cream sauce. Oh Yum.

Tuesday will be all about eating our many leftovers in the fridge from a party and Super Bowl too. We have lasagne, buffalo chicken dip, salad and so much more. We try real hard to make sure we eat all our leftovers. 

Wednesday is our Crock Pot night. Tonight we’ll eat Slow Cooker Asian Beef and Rice.

Thursday I’m always thankful it’s Thursday because that means one more day til the weekend! Today I’m going to cook Turkey Barley Vegetable Soup. Yum!

Friday! Yay it’s here! We love pizza at our house and oftentimes it’s Friday that we eat it. I’ll be making my famous (well to my kids) homemade pizza. So yummy!

Any yummy recipes you’d like me to make and spotlight? Leave me a comment and I’ll do just that!

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