My poor garden 4 things to do to get it ready for next year


I tried to save my plants by covering them this past week. We had 3 days below 30* and I just knew I could save them by simply covering my sweet plants. I was still getting tomatoes, peppers, and kale. Well after the 3 days below freezing I now only have kale. Everything else died. I was so hoping I could keep my tomatoes as they were still really producing until December. I picked all the tomatoes off the vine and brought them in to slowly ripen. I managed not to cry! Here’s 4 things you can do to get your garden ready for next year. 

1. Grab your clippers out of your Sheds and Things and cut back the plants that are still growing tall. 

2. Pull out all the tomato stakes, stakes and anything you are using to hold up your plants.

3. Pull the old tall plants out and put them in your compost. 

4. Mow the rest of the garden down after you’ve removed all the big limbs, plants, etc. 

If you know what your garden needs, mulch, nitrogen, etc then go ahead and put that down too. Whatever you can do now that will help you have a good garden next year you need to do. I love the veggies I get out of my garden every year and I will do my best to get my garden ready so I have a good crop next year. What do you do to prepare your garden for next year?


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