Birdhouses aren’t just for the birds!

Unique Designs for Birdhouses

One great way to add something unique to your garden is by installing a birdhouse. These contraptions will end up making a lovely home for the birds that will choose to nest in them. However, deciding to have a birdhouse is one thing. Next up you will have to select a design and there are many of them to choose from. Besides simply selecting something that has a crazy design, you can also choose one that matches an overall theme seen throughout the entire garden. In terms of color and shape, you can find one that matches other items in your garden such as the chairs, tables, gazebo covers etc. On the other hand, you could choose the complete opposite, something that stands out immediately.

1. Animal Shapes
If you are really fond of a particular animal, there aren’t many items you cannot find in its shape. A birdhouse is no exception. Choose your favorite and hang it in the garden. You can even go with a cat, even though it might be hard to convince birds to willingly go inside a cat’s mouth.


2. Miniature Home
Who’s to say that just because a bird lives in it, the birdhouse cannot look like an actual house? Well…nobody, since these kinds of designs are very popular. You can choose the style you want, whether it is something modern or a classic Victorian era house. What will impress you the most is the sheer attention to detail crafted into each design.

3. Fruits
A fruit birdhouse design is very appealing mainly because of its bright color. The color will obviously depend on the type of fruit, but most of them feature striking colors such as red or yellow and these will attract birds easier.


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  1. judy gardner says:

    my sister loves rustic looking birdhouses and has several.

  2. OMG!! These are stinkin’ cute!!!! I love,love,love the cat one! So adorable!

  3. i have been wanting to find a project like this for my grandkids. i think this will be perfect for spending time with them without them getting bored and they will learn a craft and be proud of themselves and each other!


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