Yummy cranberry sauce from scratch and so easy to make!

For the longest time I ate the jellied cranberry sauce and liked it. I did so because I didn’t know any better.  While watching an episode of the Pioneer Woman she showed me how easy it was to make and eat the fresh cranberry sauce or relish. And it’s so much better then the jellied sauce. Here’s what I did.

 The cast of characters were so simple. One bag of cranberries, 2 tangerines (it’s what I had on hand oranges would work too), a cup of sugar and a grater.

Add all ingredients to the pot including the juice of the 2 tangarines (or oranges) and grate the rind off the 2 tangerines, about a tablespoon of rind). Cook over medium heat until the cranberries pop, about 10 minutes. Then cool and refrigerate. I made this 2 days before Thanksgiving. This is one of those items you can make ahead and get it out of the way.

My mom, my son and I love cranberry sauce. We all three loved the cranberry sauce that I made. It was so simple and yummy. If I can make it anyone can! Note: not all the cranberries will pop but that’s ok. They will soften still as it cools and they will be very tasty! Enjoy!

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