Do college students sometimes need inspiration?

Absolutely. When I was working on my masters degree it was sometimes really hard to focus. With three kids and being in college my focus was probably not on that paper. Teachers expect things from you, your kids expect things from you, your friends and family expect things from you as well. It’s hard to be a college student and a parent. When you are on a strict schedule with many balls in the air it is sometimes helpful to click here and get some extra inspiration or help.

How you study is as important to your college career as when you study. Make sure your environment for study is a quiet place with very little distractions. If you have to, get out of your home and go to the library.  That is better than doing it at home where you are sure to get interrupted with many requests for juice and snacks. When writing a technical paper, which I had to do many times when I was going for my masters, that one moment when they ask for juice your entire technical well planned thought is then gone. Up in smoke. Poof. That makes it really hard to get that paper written.

Organize your thoughts in an outline so you know where your paper is going. If you can get a well thought out timeline of events then that gives you a plan. Your plan is your paper almost written.  Now just go on and fill in the blanks. Your paper is almost done. Congratulations on working so hard at going to college and achieving your goals!


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