Fall into Chattanooga

When I think of Fall right now I think of driving through Tennessee when my first born was 3. We had family passes to the Chattanooga aquarium and the family Discovery Museum there. We only went 4 or 5 times that year. But it was such a fun family memory. We would just pack up and leave our Nashville area home and make a day of it.

The fall colors were turning all the leaves such vibrant colors. The hills and valleys of our beautiful state looked almost staged with beauty. Our windows were down on the car and the radio was up. We were singing some lovely 90’s tunes and feeling so very alive. We’ve now got 3 children and no funds to have museum or aquarium passes. But we would love to go again sometime. It’s so special the things you can do with your kids and the time you spend with them. The years truly do fly by before you know it. My first born is now in drivers ed. Sigh. He will be in college in 3 years. How did that happen?

Take notice of your life every day. Live in the moment and love your children. Listen to them and really hear what they say. They will only be young once. These are days you’ll never get back. Thank you Sits Girls for taking me back in time and reminding me of a more youthful carefree time! Fall into Tennessee and have a great adventure. If you’ve never been Fall is an excellent time to go!


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