Fall into Flowers

I love Fall! Fall flowers to me are just as beautiful and vibrant as the spring and summer flowers. I planted new fall mums last week. Here’s some of my pics of my fall flowers!

I love the rust colored flowers. After I bought these I saw mums that were pink on the edges and yellow in the center. I had a bit of mum envy then!


I love the bright yellow color! They really show off my small flower bed. And finally my knock out roses which have gone crazy this year and are about 4 feet tall! 



Can’t wait to see what we’ll fall into tomorrow! What do you love about Fall?

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  1. We don’t have very many flowers here in Fall, those are lovely!

  2. Wonderful pictures. I love fall for all the colors…and lots of reasons! Stopping by from SITS today!

  3. I love moms! All my flowers are still going strong so far this year. Visiting from SITS

  4. I love your fall flowers. My mom got married a couple of years ago in fall, and she had mums in her wedding.

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