Best and easiest cookies ever…

I had to make cookies for my kids school this week. Unfortunately I forgot about them and ended up making them at 11pm at night. With the late hour in mind I wanted a very easy to make recipe. I found one! These cookies are so yummy. A 4 ingredient peanut butter cookie. 1 c. […]

Chocolate Slow Cooker Homemade Holiday Treats #homemadeholidaytreats

I’m on a diet. Why did I just put 3 lbs of chocolate in my crockpot? Oy vey! This is not going to be good for my waistline but will be yummy for the family. It would make a great item to include in Christmas treats or to take to a party and it’s so […]

Breakfast anyone?

Here’s what I’ve been eating for breakfast. Dr. Oz says it’s a really good breakfast for everyone and I really have enjoyed eating it. It’s a piece of whole wheat toast, cut up hard boiled egg, sliced tomato and swiss cheese. Yummo! What have you been eating for breakfast? I’m always looking for new ideas!

Make your own butter in 3 easy steps!

A few weeks back my daughter and I went on a field trip to a local historical civil war home. They do everything the way that they did back in the old days.  We saw them separate the cream from milk to make coffee creamer and then the next step was to make butter. As […]

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