Have you used those California Avocados?

They are supposed to have less fat and calories. They are twice the size and usually cheaper. So I got 2 and tried them because 1 of the Haas avocados doesn’t feed my family. The have a thinner consistency and seem to have more water in them. I had to use less juice then I […]

Yummy detox refreshing water recipe…it’s so good!

  I have begun keeping a big pitcher of this water in my fridge. I drink it from sun up to sun down. It’s so good for you and it tastes good too. I’m using this now in place of the soda I just had to have before. Here’s the recipe and instructions. 

Using my garden goodies for lunch.

We got our first tomato from the garden last week. We ate it on a sandwich and it was so good. Gardens are the reason Summer is my favorite season. I do love my garden and my vegetables. Today I did a turkey bacon, lettuce, and double tomato sandwich for lunch. Truth be known I […]

Do you need a recipe for popsicles?

I have one that we use at least once a week. Popsicles have gotten expensive in the last few years. So we began to make our own. How do you make popsicles? So easy. 1. Get a popsicle mold like this one. I bought mine at krogers. 2. Make kool aid but use about 2/3 […]

Jambalaya Recipe

My dh has been requesting Jambalaya and I finally made it for him last night. It was so good. I forgot to take pics but here’s what I did to make this tasty meal. Ingredients: red bell pepper banana pepper onion 2 cloves of garlic 1 can diced tomatos 3 chicken thighs (cooked) 2 andouile […]

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies in honor of National Chocolate Chip cookie day!

I had no idea this great cookie had it’s own day. When I read that it did and it’s today I had to make some for my kids. They love homemade cookies. Since we try to eat kinda healthy…haha. I put oatmeal in them to boost their fiber and just in general make me feel […]

Crockpot Chili

I hate those meals where you mess up every dish in the house to make it. So when I cook I try to mess up only the absolute necessary items. When I made my crockpot chili last night I made it all in the crockpot. I even browned my meat in the crockpot! Here’s the […]

Low Carb Lunch Tuna salad

I’m having trouble finding different foods to eat at lunch time. Today I did a low carb lunch with tuna salad and cucumbers instead of bread. It was really good. The cucumbers were crisp and the tuna salad was yummy. Please ignore my pink eggs they were leftover from Easter! LOL I’m finding that weight […]

A great Easter side dish: How to roast asparagus.

How to roast asparagus This is my favorite time of year. My favorite vegetable is a cold weather crop and I love it when the stores begin bringing it in. If you’ve not had fresh asparagus roasted you are simply missing out. My kids love fresh asparagus. That slimy stuff out of a can is […]

PopPop’s Cola Baked Ham

Every year my father in law makes this ham and it’s out of this world. It’s also so very easy to make. There are 4 ingredients!  Here’s his recipe in pictures!  Ingredients Add Ingredients Mix together   Pour over ham         And the lovely recipe! Hope your family enjoys this as much […]

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