Wedding Menu 5 Lunch Ideas to feed 100 people for under $250

Wedding Menu- 5 Lunch ideas to feed up to 100 people for under $250 Lunch wedding receptions are becoming increasingly popular and are great for the bride and groom that want a casual reception that involves having fun with friends and family without all of the wedding pomp and air. The trick to making a […]

Guide for writing wedding vows ~~ It doesn’t have to be that hard!

Wedding vow writing guide- it doesn’t have to be that hard! If you and your future spouse have chosen to write our own vows for your wedding, but you are at a loss of how to write them or even what to write, take a deep breath and relax. It doesn’t have to be that […]

3 wedding hairstyles for short hair that look amazing

3 wedding hairstyles for short hair that look amazing  If you’re trying to save money on your wedding, you may be considering doing your hair and makeup yourself. Many brides are, so it’s really not a huge leap for you to do the same. But if you have short hair, you may be at a […]

Tips to picking wedding music for your big day!

Tips to picking wedding music Picking that perfect day wedding music could be as stressful as picking your dress or cake. Gone are the days when couples had “songs” and traditional marches were played as a bride walked down the aisle. If you are stuck trying to decide what to play at your wedding, take […]

How to do a themed wedding that’s classy and unique

How to do a themed wedding that’s classy and unique Doing a themed wedding can be the downfall of some people. It is either overly done or the theme falls flat. To avoid either of those for your themed wedding, get ready to do some major planning that will certainly pay off in the end. […]

3 Winter Wedding Themes

3 winter wedding themes that are easier than you think to accomplish Getting married in winter can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the theme you choose and how you execute your ideas. Winter offers a simple kind of beauty and everything seems to be just a bit elegant this time of […]

Wedding menu brunch on a budget

  Wedding Menu- 5 Brunch ideas to feed 75-100 people for under $250  There is a new trend sweeping wedding receptions and it is a great money saver- the brunch wedding. If you are an early riser, or simply love the idea of getting married when the world is still waking up, this could be […]

How to do a Cocktail/Appetizer reception for 100 people under $300!

Wedding Menu- How to do a Cocktail/Appetizer reception for 100 people under $300 One of the easiest wedding menus to pull off is the appetizer and cocktail wedding reception menu. This is best for wedding receptions that are held between 2p.m.- 6p.m. Any time before or after that falls into lunch and dinner territory.  This […]

The Benefits of a life insurance policy

The Benefits of Taking Out a Life Insurance Policy If you happen to be a person who thinks you do not need life insurance, you should think again. There are several benefits that a person gets from purchasing a life insurance policy. The money that your life insurance policy will generate when you finally die […]

Fun, inexpensive ideas to do for your anniversary! #anniversaryideas

  My hubby and I celebrated 20 years together this year. That’s a lot of anniversaries we had to find things to do on. With small kids and a small budget that sometimes made for some very interesting anniversaries. Here’s a list of all we’ve done. 1. Go kayaking together and spend time on a […]

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