Chasing the Witch Book Blast with Amazon 12/16 US

Chasing the Witch After the events of Mark of the Witch, Jilly at last begins to breathe easier though her powers are still growing. But can she harness them in time to confront a new chain of events that threatens to change everything? Caroline has finally accepted her life as a witch, but when a […]

Mission Snuggle Bugz Giveaway 11/23 CA

  Living in Canada? About to have a baby? You have got to check out Snuggle Bugz! They have all things baby! I love their diaper bags that look just like purses. Brilliant! About Our Sponsor Having a baby is an exciting and scary journey, especially if it is your first. That’s where Snuggle Bugz […]

Campus Books MDM $100 Holiday Cash 11/16 US

Madame Deals Media and Campus Book Rentals have teamed up to provide this great giveaway event! ***Powered by Madame Deals and Mommy Needs Her Coffee*** I don’t know about you but my hubby doesn’t get a huge bonus at Christmas time. We get a small bonus and most definitely have to save the rest to […]

Mission Kim Nails #Giveaway #Win $50 Amazon and Share $50 Amazon!

  I’m such a girl! I love all things nail, make up and hair. Last night I painted my toes and fingers and they usually don’t match. I like what I like. My girl is so into hair, make up and nails too. She paints her nails almost as often as me. Kim Nails has […]

Mission Miss Lucy Giveaway Win one give one! #missiongiveaway #payitforward

I love monogramming. I love it on my children’s backpacks, lunchboxes, napmats for preschool. You name it I want it monogrammed. My daughter and I both have monogrammed purses. Her lunchbox is monogrammed as well. I’m beginning to think I have a monogramming addiction.  Please tell me I’m not the only one! Grand Prize: miss […]

Mission Giveaway $50 Paypal for you and a Chocolate Fruit Basket for a friend! #payitforward #winonegiveone

What if there was an alternative to shelling out all that money you spend on textbooks each semester? Well there is! You can rent! Campus Book Rentals offers new and gently used textbooks for typically less than half the price or more than you’ll pay in your school bookstore. Search for the college books you […]

Mission Beyond Bedding #win #beyondbedding #missiongiveaway #payitforward

As a mom of 3 bedding is a very important part of my week. It has to be washed, dried and put back on the beds. I love really soft bedding that makes you feel wrapped in a cocoon. Make sure you check out all their bedding sets for your kids! I’d like to thank […]

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