Menu Monday I have 8 days of dinners, lunches and breakfasts planned out!

menu monday use it up

menu monday use it up

I love a good challenge. When we get low on funds it doesn’t bother me a bit to see how far I can stretch what we already have. So we are low on funds and don’t get paid for 8 days and here’s what we’ll be eating out of our own fridge this week! 


Monday Breakfast (leftovers) Lunch pasta salad with chicken Dinner Homemade pizza (I have cheese about to go bad so I have to use that up!)

Tuesday Breakfast  blueberry muffins Lunch Tuna salad sandwiches Dinner Beef fajitas, black bean and corn salsa

Wednesday Breakfast pancakes Lunch leftovers Dinner white chicken chili in the crockpot

Thursday Breakfast biscuits and eggs Lunch grilled cheese, fruit cup Dinner Soup from leftovers or clean out the leftovers

Friday Breakfast leftover pancakes Lunch ravioli, green beans Dinner ground turkey stroganoff, green salad, corn

Saturday Breakfast cereal Lunch pbj, chips, fruit cocktail Dinner BBQ ribs, black beans ranch style, mac n cheese

Sunday Breakfast waffles, eggs Lunch Little pizzas on tortillas  Dinner Ground turkey spaghetti, broccoli

Monday Breakfast blueberry pancakes Lunch chicken salad sandwiches, chips, 3 bean salad Dinner Smoked pork, baked potatoes, green beans

Whew it’s not easy to use up what’s in your house. But it can be done. What’s on your dinner agendas this week? I’m always looking for something to help stretch my dollar. Any tips for me? Leave me a comment and let me know.  

Menu Monday #planyourmeals #menumonday

menu monday

Making dinner is not always fun and yes, it’s actually work. But I can’t afford to eat out every night so here’s my plan so I don’t fail! 

Monday~ Meatless Monday for us We are having Pasta Alfredo with kale 

Tuesday~Taco Tuesday hopefully my avocados are ripe so I can make guacamole! 

Wednesday~BBQ chicken legs in the crock pot with steamed cabbage and carrot sticks

Thursday~Kale and white bean soup I’m trying to use up all last years garden goodies.  This recipe looks so good.

Friday~Baked potato bar I’ll bake the potatoes and have steamed broccoli, chili, bacon bits, butter or sour cream ready for the eating! I love baked potato bar!

Menu Monday Let’s plan some meals! #menumonday

Due to replacing a roof, needing a transmission and paying property taxes we will be eating out of our fridge and freezer this week. And we’ll be thankful we have it! Here’s some meals I’ll be making with what I have already! 

Monday~Meatless Monday Black bean vegetable soup it looks like a great recipe.

Tuesday~Using my crockpot to make beef tips and gravy First time making this too it looks amazing. Mashed red potatoes, green beans

Wednesday~Another crockpot night pork chops with ranch, steamed cabbage, carrot sticks

Thursday~oven baked chicken, asparagus and fruit salad

Friday~Tacos using ground turkey

Saturday~pinto beans and cornbread

Sunday~Tuna noodle casserole, peas, raw broccoli

What are you eating this week? It takes some planning but it’s so worth it to know what you will be making each and every night! 

Menu Monday It’s what’s for dinner! #menumonday

Menu Monday

They say if you don’t make a plan you plan to fail so I’m making my dinner plans for the week today. Won’t you join me? 

Monday is always meatless. This week we’ll try a new recipe. Linguine with broccoli and parmasan cream sauce. Oh Yum.

Tuesday will be all about eating our many leftovers in the fridge from a party and Super Bowl too. We have lasagne, buffalo chicken dip, salad and so much more. We try real hard to make sure we eat all our leftovers. 

Wednesday is our Crock Pot night. Tonight we’ll eat Slow Cooker Asian Beef and Rice.

Thursday I’m always thankful it’s Thursday because that means one more day til the weekend! Today I’m going to cook Turkey Barley Vegetable Soup. Yum!

Friday! Yay it’s here! We love pizza at our house and oftentimes it’s Friday that we eat it. I’ll be making my famous (well to my kids) homemade pizza. So yummy!

Any yummy recipes you’d like me to make and spotlight? Leave me a comment and I’ll do just that!

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Menu Monday Let’s Eat

browning ground turkey in the crockpot


We are trying to pay for a new roof on our home. That costs a lot of money. So we’ve been working very hard at eating at home and not eating out. Here’s what we’ll be eating this week. 

Monday Meatless Monday We will have Fettucini Alfredo (low fat) with kale, onions, fresh garlic and squash.

Tuesday Steak Chili (recipe to come)

Wednesday Garlic rubbed pork chops, steamed cabbage, sweet peas

Thursday Spaghetti with ground turkey, asparagus

Friday homemade veggie pizza

Saturday grilled chicken, baked sweet potato, broccoli

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Leave me a comment with what you are eating this week. Help me mix up my menu!

Menu Monday use it up!

I’ve known for a little while that I have to pick up 40 lbs of fresh chicken today. So we have been eating out of our freezer so that I can hopefully put 40 lbs of chicken in there. It’s made for some interesting meals. It will make for some more interesting meals this week as I’m not going back to the store until this weekend. Here’s what’s on our menu this week. 


Monday: Meatless Monday I’m going to be making a spinach quiche but using kale from my garden instead of spinach.

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, green beans, applesauce

Wednesday: Wednesday is often crockpot night because I’m out of the house until almost 7 with the kids at gymnastics. I’m going to be making a eggplant lasagna in the slow cooker.

Thursday: Taco Soup and grilled cheese 

Friday: We made it to Friday. We may very well celebrate ! with takeout pizza! Or oven fried chicken…what to do?? 🙂


What’s on your menu this week? Share with me any new recipes I should try that you have enjoyed recently

Menu Monday #menumonday #planyourfood

The day in and day out of making meals for my family gets old. Doesn’t it? Ugh. It’s the same question every night. It’s easier to be able to tell them what I’ve planned if I have already planned it. So here’s my menu list of dinners for the week. Please send me a lifeline with a new recipe or two if you have a special dish you are preparing. I’d love to hear about it in a comment. 

Monday: Meatless Monday as usual. I’m thinking bean burritos, quick and easy.

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken, steamed broccoli and corn on the cob

Wednesday: Crockpot Red Wine Chicken We are out until after 6:30 with gymnastics so it’s got to be a slow cooker evening.

Thursday:  Jambalaya Oh my I love some good jambalaya! 

Friday: It’s Friday, we made it to the weekend! Let’s celebrate by having pizza or simply chicken bites! We deserve a nice break. 

I hope and pray you have a lovely week filled with good news and great times! 

Menu Monday Use it up week! #menumonday

We just got back from a short vacation. We had a blast and as all vacations go spent more then I wanted too. So this will most definitely be a use it up week. Here’s what we are having for dinners this week. 

Monday Ground turkey chili It’s simmering right now and smells divine. I also made pink salad for dessert. 

Tuesday Baked Chicken and rice with a side of broccoli

Wednesday My hubby’s birthday! We’ll be having per his request beef stew and cornbread. Yummo

Thursday Tilapia, baked potatoes, green beans

Friday Homemade veggie pizza

If all else fails I always have pinto beans and cornbread. Do you have a good dump recipe you’d like me to make a featured dish? Share it with me in the comments and I  just might make it next week! I love to hear how you use up all your leftovers. 



Menu Monday #menumonday #planyourmeals

Planning my meals for the week. More planning equals less chance of eating out. Of course with a family of 5 we do not eat out very often. It’s just too expensive. Our little babies are 16, 10 and 7.  Only the 7 year old eats a kids meal!  So no eating out for us. Here’s our meals for the week. 

 beanitos chips review

Monday: Big salad with lots of veggies, hard boiled eggs, etc. We try to do meatless at least once a week and usually on Monday.

Tuesday: Crockpot Meal BBQ chicken in the crockpot

Wednesday: Hamburgers grilled with french fries

Thursday: Homemade Veggie Pizza

Friday: Red Wine Slow Cooker Chicken 

Saturday: grilled chicken, corn on the cob, baked squash

What’s for dinner at your house? Do you find you cook more with a menu plan or does it ?


It’s Menu Monday! Woot! Let’s plan dinner. #menumonday

chopping veggiesWe’re home from a lovely quiet vacation and I’m planning dinners based on what I already have in my freezer so that I don’t go back to the store again. Let’s do this! Anyone want to join me in a use what you already have week of menus? Let’s see what interesting things I can come up with.

Monday fried pork tenderloin, biscuits, green beans and mashed potatoes

Tuesday Pinto beans and cornbread. Recipe to come! Pinto beans are a staple because my hubby loves them.

Wednesday Pizza homemade veggie and pepperoni. Lots of cheese and flour to use up!

Thursday Crockpot Chicken Cacciatore Chicken and frozen chopped peppers…check!

Friday Vegetarian Ghoulash

Well I have to hop up and fold laundry. Why is it when you start laundry you are in the mood to finish laundry. But by the time laundry is finished you no longer care? Ugh. 😛

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