10 things I loved about attending public schools

I’m beginning the new series of “Fall Back into Blogging” and our first prompt was on our favorite memories from school. Well I loved so many things about my schooling as I was growing up. I decided to just write about all the things I loved. And here you go!

1. I attended k-12 in the same town so I know so many people in my little town.

2. Lunch! I loved lunch when I went to high school. It usually consisted of a package of crackers and a Dr. Pepper! Terrible I know but man I was skinny! LOL

3. Homecoming My son just attended his homecoming game and I was able to remember all the fun things we did during the week of homecoming. Powder puff football, carnival where we just were able to walk around and hang out with friends, etc. He had a great time (and goes to the High school I attended) and I did too!

4. Biology~Mrs. Rollins taught us to study for tests using study guides and how to cut up little bitty pigs!

5. Mrs. Messick taught us she was going to send us to the office if we were late one more time but never had the heart to do it. Loved her! WE learned how to use adding machines, apple computers with a c prompt and so much more!

6. Gym~ who doesn’t love dressing out in front of a bunch of other girls and a bank robber!

7. A few years after graduating our gym teacher was fired for robbing banks. Yep, that just happened!

8. Attending a party late at night and running into a new teacher. She was young and boy I’m not sure that would be allowed today! But we all had a great time.

9. Driving to school! Learning to drive and being able to drive yourself to school was the greatest. You felt freedom for the first time and you chose to go to school anyway!

10.Ok so most of this was about high school. I had a great time and dearly loved my high school years. I’m not stuck in high school though. My life has only gotten better since then. I’m grateful for all I learned from my many valuable teachers and so much more. Thank you to the Rutherford County School System!

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