Angels Sing Movie Review

Angels Sing


I was allowed an early screening of this movie so I could write this review. It in no way affected my honest opinion of this movie.

Lions Gate Movies Presents Angels Sing just in time for the holiday movies.  This movie is available in select cities on 11/1 and on demand in many other areas. I was able to review an early screening of this movie. I felt that Angels Sing had a great message and is a must see movie for the holidays. Here’s what the movie is about: 

ANGELS SING Synopsis: As a child Michael wished every day was Christmas – until a tragic accident crushed his holiday spirit. Thirty years later, Michael still can’t muster any joy for Christmas, despite encouragement from his wife and parents. But when his son faces a tragedy, Michael needs to make amends with his past. A mysterious man named Nick gives him the courage to find the Christmas joy that he lost.


Harry Connick Jr, Connie Britton, Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Kris Kristofferson Director: Tim McCanlies

Harry Connick and Connie Britton did a great job with their acting. They were believable characters and you will find yourself rooting for them. Kris Kristoferson and Willie Nelson did a good job too. Of course, Kris has been acting for years so you expect it of him now. Lyle Lovett was a bit stiff and seemed like he was reading off a cue card at times. The son did a great job acting. He was a pro. 

And about the writer of this film: 

About Turk Pipkin

Turk Pipkin is the author of When Angels Sing, the Christmas novel that inspired the film ANGELS SING.  Turk is also a former stand-up comic turned writer and filmmaker.  He has directed three award-winning feature documentaries (NOBELITY, ONE PEACE AT A TIME and BUILDING HOPE) and had a recurring role in The Sopranos as Janice‚Äôs narcoleptic born again boyfriend.  He also founded The Nobelity Project, a global education nonprofit that works with Nobel laureates and other inspiring leaders to make enlightening and motivating films to raise awareness on global issues and move people to action.  With the Nobelity Project, Turk has helped raise millions to build schools, libraries and water systems for kids in the developing world. 


Running time: 87 Minutes                           

Rated: PG for Mild Thematic Elements and Brief Language

If you are looking for a movie to get you in the mood for Christmas this one fits the bill. Great cast and great message. Thanks Lions Gate movies for allowing me to view this movie and review it! 


JTV Jewelry Review

jtv jewelry

JTV Jewelry Review

I was giddy with excitement when my package arrived almost overnight from JTV Jewelry. I received this beautiful jade and pearl bracelet and some sweet pearl earrings. The earrings are nickel free. I know this not from reading it on their site but from wearing them for a week. I can’t wear most earrings. It was such a nice unexpected surprise to find that these are already nickel free. It doesn’t itch my ears at all! They have just the right amount of dangle and the bracelet fits beautifully. I love the green paired with the pearl on the bracelet. So beautiful and timeless.

Any jewelry from JTV jewelry would make a great gift for your loved one.  

Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, or just because you can’t go wrong with their timeless pieces.  

pearl bracelet 1

Here’s some information specific to my beautiful freshwater pearl and jade bracelet. 

8-9mm Cultured White Freshwater Pearl With Green Jade 21.00ctw 14k Yellow Gold Bracelet. Measures Approximately 7 1/2″l X 5/16″w, And Has A Hook And Eye Clasp. Colors, Shapes, Sizes Vary.

This sparkling bracelet retails for $99.99 with a super low shipping cost. Think real hard about this piece for a Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays or just to make a statement. 


pearl earrings 0 

And the crisp, clean white pearl earrings were a surprise that was much appreciated.  Please ignore my gray…who am I kidding silver hair. The dangling pearls make me smile and I’ve been wearing them a lot. They are comfortable and feel almost weightless. I can even wear them when I sleep. Because let’s face it I really am a lazy jewelry wearer and love to be able to wear the same items over and over and only change them out weekly.

12-13mm white cultured freshwater grande pearl, round, sterling silver earrings. Measure approximately 1 1/4″L x 1/2″W and have lever style backs. Color, shape and size varies. These retail for $34.50 and Jewelry television has a low cost of $2.99 shipping per item. 


So JTV Jewelry you have a new fan.

I’m so in love with the pieces you have sent me and my readers will be too. Some great ways to get in touch with JTV Jewelry and buy some of their other beautiful jewelry.  

JTV Jewelry Website

JTV on facebook

JTV on twitter


Disclosure: I received the above products through Sublime Media Connection in exchange for an honest review. In no way was I asked to give a positive review.



Beanitos Chips Review


I was given Beanitos chips to help facilitate my review. I feel silly posting this but I couldn’t review them if they didn’t send them to me. It did not affect my  opinion of this product. 

Beanitos chips review

As a family of 5 I was so excited to see my box of beanitos arrive.  I made a special dinner in honor of them. We had spinach artichoke dip with chicken in it for dinner. I made that so we could eat our Beanitos chips. Let me just tell you that they were so good. The entire family ate them. I have weird kids. They will eat anything and everything I offer them. It definitely makes it easier to feed them. They chomped away on these chip and this dip. 

beanitos chips review

What’s so great about the Beanito’s chips? They have 6g of fiber per serving of 12 chips. That’s a lot of fiber. There are 4g of complete protein in these chips. They are gluten free too. So, great taste, good for you, gluten free. Yes, sign me up please.  On the Beanitos website they have a locate me app. So that you can find out just where to get them at. I found them at my local Super Target.  The local natural grocery store and healthy nutrition center had them too in my area. So they are available! Do yourself a favor and get these chips. Change your family over from chips with lots of fat and no fiber in them to a great treat like Beanitos. 

Follow them and learn more about beanitos then go out and get these flavorful meal additions made from real food (beans and rice)! 




What is the first step to beauty? #naturalbeauty

This post brought to you by Tree Hut. All opinions are 100% mine.

 photo treehutfoot-GoogleSearch_zpsdd84afd4.jpg

Do you feel it’s something on the outside or the inside? To me true beauty is on the inside. But we can help keep our skin beautiful thanks to the Tree Hut foot cream and Tree Hut hand cream. These creams are all organic using the luscious shea butter and some items have peppermint oil or rose hip oil. They are paraben free and have no DMDM. They do not test on animals either. These are all requirements I have for good products that I will use on my skin. I love that. I am so excited to try theTree Hut foot scrub which uses a sugar base to exfoliate your skin. 

Check them out and like Tree Hut on Facebook and follow Tree Hut on Twitter. I went over to polyvore to create a style board for summer with some of my summer essentials. Check it out here. 


Nothing like a beautiful summer dress and some summer essentials for your skin from Tree Hut. Did you know you can even find the Tree Hut items at your local Walmart? They have a great foot scrub, foot cream, hand cream that use organic natural shea butters to make even the heels of your feet soft. My feet need this right now. I love that they have a non greasy formula that they make right here in the USA. Make sure you use Tree Hut to repair, moisturize, help with antiaging and use it  so it promotes elasticity for your skin. It’s the perfect summer essential. 

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Sears will pay you $5 if you shop at their website and pick up in store 5 minutes or less or you get paid! #moreatsears #ad

This post brought to you by Sears. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sears has always been known for their quality products for all families. Now they’ve gotten even better. They have the newest arrivals and if it’s out in the color or size you want you can order it online and pick it up in the store in 5 minutes or less or they give you $5! I love that they have it and can get it to you quickly. Here’s some items I want for Mother’s Day…take note honey! 

Sears featured marketplace offers has everything. Make sure you visit their site so you can see all the good items that they have. I found a beautiful iPad case that I’d love from Michael Kors. Some lovely blingy flip flops as I’m a huge flip flop girl. The flip flops will look great with the beautiful dress I picked out. The best thing is if they don’t have them in stock in the store I can order them online and my dear hubby can pick them up in the store for me. Takes all the guess work out of my hubby shopping for me. Because I picked everything out and he just has to go pick it up and pay for it. Great for me and him!!

Make sure you visit the Sears website so that you can see for yourself all the great items they have at great prices. Don’t forget to tweet about it to your family and friends. Sears now carries Ray Bans, Micheal Kors, Dewalt tools, Nike and so much more. They are constantly adding new styles and designers to their site every day. Their online store is so much larger and more expansive then in the store. The internet is unlimited and it is lucky for us that the Sears website carries so much more then you could ever find in the store. You may even stumble upon a new color or style that you didn’t see in the store. One that you love even more! So check out the Sears website and find many lovely items you didn’t even know you wanted! 

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Mini rollable bluetooth keyboard review


mini rollable bluetooth keyboard reviewI was given this item so I can write an honest review of  the product. It did not affect my review of this product and this is an honest review. My opinion may differ from yours.


I have always wanted a keyboard for my iPad. What that means is when I go on vacation I can still blog if needed and get the  job done. What I love about this keyboard is that it is so lightweight. It is amazing light and it rolls up like a pancake.  So you can twist it and turn it and not hurt it at all. It hooks up to my iPad wirelessly by me just having to go into my wifi settings and activate or turn on bluetooth. That was a really nice easy feature. Once on you are ready to blog or update facebook or type an email. You are good to go.  You charge it by plugging it into the USB adapter. It’s rechargable, portable and waterproof. It works on many different types of tablets and phones such as the iPhone 4,5 and iPad 2, 3, 4 and even the Galaxy s4. 

There are some downfalls. It’s not easy to type with nails. If you are going to use this a lot you will have to cut your nails. Not that that’s a big deal but it’s hard to get your nails to press down hard enough for the keys to register. It does take some time to get used to. But once you are used to it it’s really nice to have around.  My laptop battery is nearing the end of it’s life. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to switch to just using my ipad and my mini rollable bluetooth keyboard. Do you have an iPad keyboard that you like?  

Moshi iPhone case review

Moshi iPhone case review

About three weeks ago I was given this Moshi iPhone case to review and it did not affect my opinion of this product.  I love the color that they sent me. I’m such a girl. I love how well it protects my phone. I did two really bad drops with my phone while I was testing out this case. It has two minor scratches on it which is so minor you can’t even see it in the picture. It didn’t scratch the face of my phone just two minor blemishes on the case. I’ve been very impressed with the quality and the color they sent me. It has held up well and done it’s job. It’s very slim and not bulky. It’s also smooth and feels good in your hand.  The slimness of it makes it harder to find in your purse (lol) but it is easily handled.  

Here’s some pics of my Moshi  case on the iPhone. 

This shows you how slim the moshi case is.
This shows you how slim the moshi case is.


Front of case.


And the back of my pretty pink moshi case!
And the back of my pretty pink moshi case!


I was so excited to receive it for review and to see how well it has held up. Thank you Moshi for letting me try out your case for you!

Moshi iPhone case rocks my phone!



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