Tips to find the perfect lawn mower

Our last lawn mower was such a tried and true friend to our grass. We had it for many years and are about to retire it. There are a few things we are looking for in our newest commercial riding mowers. They are:
1. Turn radius
 I need one of those zero turn radius mowers so that I can mow around all our trees, my garden and my flowers. I love to plant and have trees in the corners of my yard.
2. Blade height
This is important because in the dryer months of the year you want to be able to manually adjust the height so you do not kill your grass. The lack of water is already affecting the grass you definitely don’t want the lawn mower to kill what the lack of water started.
3. Must be a riding mower
Hey, Jack I’ve mowed in 104* heat in our Tennessee summers. I do not want nor do I plan on doing that again any time soon. We must have a riding mower so that we can knock it out quickly without killing ourselves in the heat.
4. Must have headlights
You are probably wondering why headlights are necessary. Sometimes I want to wait until it begins to get dark to mow so that it is not as hot as during the heat of the day. With headlights I can mow whenever I want. Many times you can find me mowing at night.
So to sum up what we need in a lawn mower:  after pushing a mower in the heat of summer we are ready for a riding mower. I need to know that in the later  months of Fall we can adjust the height so that the grass doesn’t die. We also need it to be a zero radius turning mower so that we can get around all our trees. I must have head lights so that I can mow as the days get later and longer when it is also the cooler time of the day to mow. This is just a few things I’m looking for and hoping I find! What tips can you share with me for picking a new mower?

This is a sponsored post. However, all the points and views are my own and they may differ from yours.

The Speedy Vegetable Garden review

The Speedy Vegetable Garden


I was given this book to review and I have to say I  loved it. It was a very quick and easy read.  It goes into detail on what you can grow that will grow quickly. I read it and as I read it I planned my garden and ordered my seeds (from a reputable heirloom seed company…don’t go with just any company that sells Monsanto backed seeds, not sure who to order from ask me and I’ll tell you.) Anywho, off my rant and back to the goodies in this book. I loved that it went into seed sprouting (and eating them) and all the vitamins and goodness that is in the vegetable sprouting.  They even tell you which flowers are edible. I’m considering going down this path and trying them out in salads. They tell you what vegetables taste the best when they are harvested earlier.

The Speedy Vegetable Garden has tons of great information.

The Speedy Vegetable Garden will teach you a lot about planting, harvesting and caring for a garden. So, put it on your to be read list and learn about gardening.  Happy planting!



Why grow that when you can grow this?

Why Grow That When You Can Grow This?: 255 Extraordinary Alternatives to Everyday Problem Plants

I was given this book for an honest review. I read this book in a day and it was a very informative and easy read. I loved the way the book was laid out into sections. It went into why you shouldn’t put in a certain tree and why another tree would be better. It does the same thing with shrubs, vines and flowers too. It gave good valid reasons and would be a great resource for someone about to landscape their yard.  If you have little knowledge of what to plant and why then you should get this book. It will save you the heartache of pulling up something you planted and later determined it wasn’t a fit for you or your yard.


If you’d like to purchase Why Grow That When You Can Grow This?: 255 Extraordinary Alternatives to Everyday Problem Plants

you can get it in the link below!


This book was given to me for an honest review and opinion of it. This is my opinion and it may differ from yours. FTC regulations.

Yuck, Yuck, double yuck

So I told you all yesterday that I left to visit with my mom in Florida and my garden was thriving. Then, we came back after a almost a month to weeds and everything dead, except tomatoes, carrots, salad, and kale. I really do not think you can kill kale. It lasted through the winter! Today we got out there and began tearing into it. It was a big old mess.

My children were forced to go out there with me, this morning. It was pure torture for them.  Yuck, yuck, double yuck. The did not want to work in the garden. LOL We do love to make our children work. My son said, “I will not ever have a garden when I’m older.” I said, “yeah, that’s what I told my mom too. But you need to know where your food comes from and you need to eat good healthy nutritious food and the best comes from what you care and tend too.” Cheesy, right. Sigh, I try to do my best for them. They loved looking at our baby carrot! I pulled it to see if it was ready. Not yet. See pic above! Those are about 1 inch tomatoes and a 2 inch carrot!

I know gardening isn’t for everyone. I love it and I hope to instill a love for it in my children. I want them to think outside the box about where their food comes from!

I killed it!!!

celery grown inside

WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I went to visit my mom in Florida for a month. I forgot about my inside salad, spinach and celery. They are so dead. Sigh, Guess I’ll replant.  Last year when we did this we came back to a hugely growing garden. This year, my broccoli is dead outside as well as man other things. I’ll start over. I’m not scared.

Before Beach time: celery grown inside

and after:

sniff, sniff! Time to replant!


How do you live a greener life? Guest post

I’m honored today to have my friend Sara guest posting on how she lives a greener life. Make sure you check out her bio below and visit her site. Thank you Sara! Every small thing you can do is a help for the environment.

How do you live a greener life?

I believe that my son will inherit this world from me, and any small steps I can take will have a positive impact on the world around me. After my first environmental science class, my eyes opened to the way I am destroying the planet, I vowed at that time to make changes to the way I live.

There are many ways that you can be kind to the planet while living a normal life. Going green can seem intimidating to many, as they envision drastic lifestyle changes taking place in hopes of saving the planet. I would love to share a few ideas on how to live a greener life, with minimal efforts. I would like to share a few ideas with you, in hopes that if we all take a few steps towards a greener lifestyle, our planet and children will reap the rewards of our efforts.

We always end up with too many plastic shopping bags, despite the fact we have numerous cloth bags. I reuse these as I can as many people do. I use them to line small trash cans; I use them to send goodies home with visitors. I recycle these bags in my local stores, but they still end up taking over the space under my kitchen sink.

I discovered a way to keep the bags tidy and put another item that would be otherwise destined for the garbage. An empty tissue box will store plastic shopping bags beautifully and will give a second life to not one but 2 items!

Dryer Sheets are a commonly thrown away item that has another use! Did you know that a used dryer sheet can be a super helper in the kitchen? Whenever you have a baked on mess, fill the dish with hot water. Drop in a used dryer sheet and allow it to soak until the water turns cool. Empty the water and the used dryer sheet from the dish and wash normally. You will be amazed at how easily any baked on mess washes off with this trick.

My son loves little cups of yogurt. I have found that these little cups make an ideal container for starting seedlings. Simply wash the little yogurt cups and allow to dry. You can stack them easily for storage until next spring. When the time comes to start your seedlings, make a few small holes in the bottom of the container for drainage. Fill the cup with potting soil and plant your seeds. These cups can be reused time and time again.

Reduce the amount of water you use by turning off the water while you are soaping up in the shower! This can lead to huge savings on your water utility. Water is the basis for life. Every creature needs water to survive and we do not have unlimited amounts of fresh water. Use water wisely, turn off the faucet when you are brushing your teeth, and instead of allowing the faucet to run until the water is cool enough to drink, consider keeping a pitcher of water in your refrigerator for drinking.

Recycle whenever you can! Plastic, paper, aluminum and glass recycling are available in most areas. When you recycle an item, you save it from a landfill! Scientists are not exactly sure if plastic ever decomposes, or if it just turns into smaller bits as time passes. Even in a landfill not every item, such as wood, food scraps and paper will break down. The lack of air in a landfill can cause these items to mummify.

There are many ways you can live a greener lifestyle. Turn off lights and unplug appliances that are not in use, hang your clothes outside to dry. Reuse any items you can, reduce the amount of garbage you produce by recycling. Spread the word to others about recycling and waste reduction. Buy local foods whenever you can!

Our children and future generations are depending upon us! If we all take a small step to make positive changes, the world will be a better, brighter, greener place! When we are kind to the environment we are helping to save plant, water and animal life and we are setting a good example for our children.


Sara McKibben-Lehman writes the Sweet Silly Sara blog. She is a college student, wife, and most importantly a stay at home Mom! Among Sara’s interests are greener living, baking bread, shopping, animals, reading and travel and Dr. Seuss. Sara also owns the Sublime Media Connection, offering social media strategies to bloggers and companies. and

Growing produce for my family is good for us and the planet!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Whitney-Farms-Logo_Banner_New_C.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)


Whitney Farms® is there to help me every step of the way. They are there to give me tips on how I can improve my garden not using the same old conventional methods. For example, they have organic plant food and organic soil. Their food and soil has no additives, nothing artificial at all. I am always trying to be kinder to the environment. It feels like sometimes I take two steps forward and three steps back in the process though. By using their organic soil you are helping the environment. Less chemicals is always best. And I try to do what’s best for the Earth and my family.  That’s what’s important.

I’ve learned alot through the years of having my garden. I recently have gotten into it even more than I did last year. We don’t have a big yard either. You can garden in a small space I promise. Here’s a pic of my garden. I would love to use their plant food Organic Plant Food to make my vegetables larger and grow them faster. We are huge tomato fans. I do not eat tomatoes all winter because they are not home grown. They just do not taste as good as the ones grown in your garden. I’m so excited to see that they have tomato and vegetable food. 109103_1.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages) I would love to use them on my veggies and see the difference.

After 25 years Whitney Farms knows what they’re doing. They have gotten their products to be low dust, no manure odor and are easy to apply. They contain beneficial microbes for your garden. They know what they need and their specially designed blends allow gives your garden the macro and micro nutrients that it needs.

Lucky for us Whitney Farms has a $3 coupon on their site for us to put to good use. Thank you Whitney Farms for making it easier on me to feel good about all my decisions in my garden. I love that Whitney Farms allows me as a mom to revel in the knowledge that I’m feeding my family straight from my garden to the table.



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How does your garden grow?

Here’s my garden this week. We’ve actually already eaten kale, spinach and lettuce out of the garden this year. Yay. Now how do I get the bugs from eating my cabbage and broccoli? Anyone? Please I need ideas here!

My kale and spinach.

broccoli and tomatoes (see that broccoli in the center…so exciting!) See the holes in my leaves…not exciting…mean bugs!

Onions…man it’s hard to take pics outside with an iPad. Sorry you can’t tell it’s onions (think green onions).

I have about 9 volunteer plants growing. 3 squash, 3 peppers and 3 tomatoes. This is the spaghetti squash and I love it when they volunteer to just pop up on their own.

This is my inside lettuce and celery. The lettuce has replenished and next week I should be able to have another salad. The celery is growing great! The two purple flowers are from my girl for Mother’s Day! Awww!

Now anyone have any earth friendly ideas to keep bugs off the broccoli and cabbage? Happy gardening! How’s your garden looking?

Growing your own celery and lettuce inside

Growing your own food is so rewarding. My kids love to hear the words we’re eating what we grew in the garden. I had seen on Pinterest that you can grow celery by planting the bottom of the celery plant. The ball of it if you will. So I decided to try it.

This is inside my house in my back window. I planted lettuce first and then just threw the celery in there to see what would happen. This is one week planted. You can barely see but there is new growth in the middle of the celery.

This is two weeks planted. You can see we ate the lettuce with a kale salad. The celery has lots of new growth in the middle again. Yay. I’m calling this a success and saying it works. 
It’s so fun to tell the kids to go get kale or lettuce or spinach out of the garden and let’s make a salad. They love it and I do too. Thank you God for a mom who had a love of gardening. It did transfer believe it or not. I water my celery and lettuce once a week with about a cup of water. That’s it. We too often kill our plants not from under watering but from over watering.
Now go give your green thumb a workout! 🙂

My roses will be bigger this year with Miracle Gro Expand ‘n Gro

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

EnG Product Shot.pngThis mild winter has made my rose bushes grow larger than normal. Expand ‘n Gro™ has offered to give me a sample to use on my roses. They claim they will be 3x larger than normal. That’s going to be some happy roses. I can’t wait to see what my roses will do on the Expand ‘n Gro. 

Miracle Gro has come up with a way to help the soil retain more of the moisture. They use a part of the coconut that was previously thrown away, called Coir. The Expand ‘n Gro, which is a new blend of potting soil and  Coir, allows the ground to hold in 50% more water than just potting soil alone. 

I have planted lettuce in pots and am getting ready to plant flowers in my flower beds. I plan on using my sample to help my flowers grow. It works on plants regardless of whether they are in pots or in the ground.  I can’t wait to see how big my flowers can get. I love looking at flowers first thing in the morning. Don’t you?  One lucky winner will receive a sample through a giveaway of Expand ‘n Gro. All you need to do is leave me a comment on what you would use the Expand ‘n Gro on. will select a number for me and that will be the winner. Enter to win and let’s watch our flowers bloom!



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