Losing Weight Before Your Wedding

Losing Weight Before The Wedding

Are you engaged to be married?

I am sure you are super excited and immersed in your wedding planning already! After all, you have a lot on your plate; the venue, the guest list, food, music, flowers and so much more. And then there’s the dress! Possibly the most important part of the entire wedding, in a bride’s eyes. You will probably spend hours looking at and trying on all different wedding dresses until you find your dream wedding dress. You know, the one you have dreamed about since you were 12 years old? 😉

I know you’ll want to look your best!

You want to look and feel beautiful and confident as you walk down the aisle.  If you are like most brides to be, part of looking their absolute best includes losing a few pounds and looking amazing in their dream dress. Now, I first want to say that you should check with your doctor before starting any new fitness program. Also, this is not something you want to do if you are getting married in 2 weeks.  The ideal time frame is 6 months of more. You want to give yourself as much time as possible so that you aren’t stressing yourself or your health in any way. You need to be strong and healthy for your wedding too!

Just like your marriage will be, fitness is forever!

You should never look for fad diets or quick fixes like pills or weight loss aids. Instead, look at your health and fitness routine the same way you look at your future marriage; it’s forever! So, start making healthy changes. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit and 21 days to create a new one. If you start months before your wedding, you have plenty of time to make changes. The bonus is that these won’t be temporary changes, these are changes you will take with you for the rest of your life and you will be healthier and happier because of them. 

Set small goals – Don’t expect to lose 75 pounds in 6 months before your wedding. Set small goals like 1 – 2 pounds a week. For now, instead of focusing on the big picture, look at the smaller pictures and set goals that will help you make progress toward your bigger picture goals. 

Eat enough food – Don’t make the mistake that so many make and starve yourself. You will not lose weight faster and you will only do harm to yourself. You need to take in enough calories each day. I recommend downloading a free app that will help you count calories. There are many to choose from, just take your pick.

Move, move, move – Get off the couch and make time to exercise at least 4 or 5 times a week. Even if you take a brisk walk for 45 minutes each day, you don’t need a gym or fancy equipment. The most important thing is that you move your body!

Change your plate – The dinner plates that come in sets sold today are huge, you are probably eating bigger portions than you should be. Switch to smaller plates to automatically eat smaller portions. 

Cut it out – Cut out junk food. Food with no nutrients and lots of fat and sugar can be your downfall. Get them out of the house to avoid temptation. When you want something sweet go for fresh fruit or homemade ice pops made with fresh fruit juice. 

Say no to cocktail time – Or at least drink less. Alcoholic beverages like cocktails can pack a couple hundred calories in a single glass! Switch to having just 1 light beer or wine spritzer instead of a few mixed drinks. 

Clean up your diet – Eat foods high in protein like chicken or salmon. Bake or steam foods instead of frying. Look for lower calorie substitutes for high calorie favorites. Try spices to boost the flavor of your food instead of high calorie sauces. Cut down on bread, rice and pasta. 

Not enough time?

If you are getting married sooner and you don’t have months to lose weight, my advice is to begin to make these changes anyway. The sooner you start making good habits the sooner you will start losing weight. Other than that, invest in a quality piece of shape wear, LOVE yourself, EMBRACE your curves and WORK that dress!

What do you have to add?

Do you have any weight loss tips for the brides to be? Please share them with me in the comments below. 


Want That Perfect Forever Kinda Love?

Everyone deserves their happily ever after…

We’ve been married almost 27 years. And we are living each day our happily ever after.

anniv Pic

So what do you have to do to get there? I’ll give you my Top 5 Tips!



1. Perfectly Imperfect

Stop waiting on Prince Charming…he’s not coming…

Prince Charming

However the perfectly imperfect person is right there or out there waiting for you. Sure, you should set your standards high, you deserve it. But never set them so high that no one can ever measure up…no one is perfect…stop trying to hold them to it.

Those perfect couples you know and see, they didn’t get to where they are by being perfect. They got there by being in love and never giving up, by being perfectly imperfect!

2. Rolling With The Waves


Like every aspect of life, not just relationships, there are going to be waves to ride. There will be great times, good times, bad times, horrible times, and that gray area where you just have no idea what kind of time it is.

Marriage/Relationships aren’t 50/50…the arent even 100/100 all the time. Sometimes the split is 150/-50. That’s what its all about. Its reaching down deep when you think you got nothing left and pulling out that Hail Mary. But I assure you…riding the waves IS what its all about. It grows you, shows you, and makes you!

3. Your Relationship Is Between 3 


Your relationship is made up of the 2 of you and God. Not your best friend (Although there’s nothing wrong with having a best friend to lean on as long as they know when to sympathize AND kick you in the butt when necessary), definitely not social media, and not other family members…anytime it leaks out of your circle of 3 its messy messy messy and almost impossible to re-contain. 

You mad? That’s cool. Go sit your butt in the other room and calm down then come back. 

4. Communication Is Key


Yeah you might think whats bothering you is petty. You might think what the other person is telling you is bothering them is petty. But if its bothering you, put it out there. Dealing with things is much better when they are petty or small. Little things turn into big things if left to smolder! Big things….and there will be big things….they are obvious and usually blow up…but then they settle…like a rainbow after a huge storm. Without that storm and rain and darkness, you don’t get to see a rainbow. Always appreciate the storms and rainbows in your life. 

5. Stop Comparing


Stop comparing your relationship to other relationships. This goes both ways….don’s assume your relationship should be as wonderful as what you perceive someone else’s to be and don’t assume its perilously doomed like others either. You aren’t your parents, your best friends, the couple you see on Facebook you think you wanna be like, you aren’t Snow White and Prince Charming, YOU ARE YOU! 

Love is

Country Wedding On A Budget

Country Wedding On A Budget

Want to have a beautiful outside country wedding but think you can’t afford it? Here’s a few tips to help you through!

Many barn wedding venues look beautiful but even the cheapest can cost thousands simply to use the property and that’s without a single decoration, table, or the food. We have our own small farm so we used it and dressed it up. These tips can be used to do it all yourself at your own place or it’ll save you a bundle after spending the money to rent a venue!

We started by clearing the field and getting spools from the local electric company (FREE I might add, we just went and picked them up. Call early as they are sporadically available, so try and plan ahead) and used them for tables. There were several sizes so we used them as seating tables as well as cake and present and drink tables! Some were tall enough we put them around the perimeter and some people liked to use them to stand around!


Backdrop for the Ceremony

Next we made the backdrop for the ceremony. We were using the barn but needed to dress it up a bit. This was a fall wedding so we incorporated sunflowers into a burlap wreath. To make it the large scale we wanted and so it would be heavier than the normal wreath to hang and help us shape properly, we used chicken wire and doubled it over. We then took Burlap Ribbon (easily found at craft stores for $1.00-$5.00 per roll) and intertwined the holes in the chicken wire. Put in some sunflowers and you have a simple but eye catching backdrop for an overhead backdrop. Bales of Hay and pumpkins and one of the larger spools set up with a unity candle finishes off where the bride and groom will stand and take their vows!

image image image

Dance Floor and Presentation Area

Next we built our own dance floor. Find level ground then use Particle board and 2×6’s screwed together in any dimensions that will accommodate your number of guests. Bales of hay around the perimeter holds the 2×2’s to string the lights on (it always helps to have cute little helpers with the lights) and the hay bales double as seats for spectators who want to be close to the action! We had a friend we hired who is a DJ, so that’s where we spent our wedding allowance in addition to the dress of course! 

image image

Centerpieces and Signs

Next we made centerpieces and signs! We took a small tree and cut it into slices then used a simple wood burner tool to make the bride and grooms initials. We repurposed some different shaped beer bottles and painted them wedding colors (purple and white here) and used them for simple flowers and wheat stalks. Repurposed wine bottles were used as candle covers. We used a glass cutter and took the bottoms off the bottles and used a citronella votive to help at night when the mosquitoes are out. The sign was just a piece of particle board painted with whatever message you want…for this one Here Comes The Love Of You Life. It can be made small enough to be carried by one person but we had 2 so we used a pole through the top!

image image


Goody Bags and Cake

Next instead of the usual birdseed or bubbles we made a goody bags instead and we had them available for guests at the end of the meal line as we also had a bonfire pit available after the sun went down. We used Sending You S’mores Love as the theme as Smores are a great idea to make outside at a bonfire. 1 Pack was 2 smores and we simply printed and cut the tags on our home computer as well. The wedding cake was made by a friend of ours. Always price your local bakeries but also as around your area for some folks who might do this as a hobby. By all means be sure you get samples and see pictures and don’t just take someones word for it. The level of skill for the cake you want for your big day makes alot of difference in price too.


Bouquets and Tutus!

The bouquets we made from a local supermarket and plant stand with sunflowers and some accent flowers. We used a spool of flower tape and ribbon to keep them spun tight and beautiful! For the flower girls we dyed the shirts/onsies ourselves to be sure we got even colors for the 3 of them. Next we make them tutus with some elastic bands and tulle! 



Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Bridesmaids got to go pick their own style dress as long as they got the same fabric and color. So the bride made it easy. These bridesmaids paid as little as $25 for their dress, but by having the option to pick whichever style they wanted as long as they stayed with the same fabric and color let them spend as little or as much as they wanted. For the groomsmen, the only thing they spent money on was a white long sleeve button up and a purple tie. The vests were rented for $8 each! The little boys simply wore white button ups with their jeans!



Feeding the Crowd

BBQ is always a cheap way to feed alot of people! You can crock it and do it yourself or its pretty cheap to cater in as well. Chips and Beans are easy peasy as well. We used Mason Jars with lids and straws. Using plastic cups is cheap too, but we opted to do these in case it was windy so they didn’t blow away when they were getting empty!

image image


The Final View

The finished product! We used folding chairs and had everyone bring theirs from the ceremony area over to use at the tables. It was super fabulous both day and night!

image image 

Dance Floor Fun

And the crowd danced into the night! 


The Best Wedding Ever….Keep It Simple!

The Wedding Party! A beautiful country wedding for less than $500!!!!





7 Bridal Shower Games The Girls Will Love

7 Bridal Shower Games The Girls Will Love

bridal shower games

Bridal showers are one of those parts of the wedding experience that the bride gets to enjoy with her best gal pals. Usually a little more tame than a bachelorette party but still just as fun! My maid-of-honor when all out for my bridal shower which was an Alice in Wonderland theme and we had such a wonderful time. We also played some fun games that were really great ice breakers for those that didn’t know the others before meeting at the party. So with that in mind I thought I would write a post for any of your Bridal Shower party throwers out there that are looking for some fun Bridal Shower Games to include in your party! Let’s check them out! Continue reading “7 Bridal Shower Games The Girls Will Love”

7 Bachelorette Party Games To Get The Party Started

7 Bachelorette Party Games To Get The Party Started

bachelorette party games

So you have decided to throw your best gal pal a Bachelorette Party huh? How fun! Who doesn’t love a night out (or in!) with some of their best friends celebrating a bride? I know I do. I know as a Bachelorette party planner you want to make sure everything is perfect, and I’m here to help with some fun party game ideas that is sure to make sure everyone is having a great time. Let’s check them out! Continue reading “7 Bachelorette Party Games To Get The Party Started”

3 Ways to have the best Hen party!

3 ways to have a Hen Party

wedding hens..

3 Ways that the Best Hens Party Supplies in Melbourne are Found Online

Weddings are a big deal, and so are the Hens parties that come before the big day. While tradition runs rampant in these parties, every bride wants a touch of individuality for their Hens party. This is more than just a party, it is a rite of passage for the bride and a chance to make sure that she has fun before one of the biggest days of her life. Here are three reasons why shopping online for hens party decorations is much more effective and easy than going to an actual store.

1- When shopping online, you have access to almost anything you would ever want for your Hens party. Hens party decorations should be fun, unique, and something that the bride-to-be wants as her theme. Going to a physical store is not nearly as effective as an online store because you have lots more choices online than in person. If you want something specific or difficult to find, online is the only real way to find it.

2- If you are the one who is throwing the Hens party, you are most likely busy trying to get the party planned and set up, and most likely want to save time and money. Buying Hens party can be daunting at times, but you can sit at home while finding everything you could possibly need if you shop online. You can even shop on the go from your mobile device if you are so inclined. 

3- You can make it much easier to get the other important friends of the bride involved if you use social media and websites to promote the event. You can get everyone involved if you look for your Hens party decorations online by sharing links and gathering ideas so that the decorating won’t be all your idea. Friends love to be involved, but don’t like to be inconvenienced at the same time. Do your shopping online and smile!

Hens parties are a great way to show your love to the bride-to-be in your life. What better way to throw a great party than to do it in a less stressful way and with unique decorations? Visit http://buckinghenpalace.com.au/ and you will be sure to find everything you could possibly need to give the bride a party that she won’t forget.


5 Great Groomsmen Gifts (That They Will Actually Use!)








5 Great Groomsmen Gifts (That They Will Actually Use!)

5 Great Groomsmen Gifts

If you are having trouble choosing groomsmen gifts you came to the right place. You want to give your groomsmen gifts that they will actually use, not something that is going to get thrown in a drawer and forgotten about just days after your wedding. Putting a bit of thought into each gift, you can find something that will be perfect for all of your groomsmen.

Here are 5 great groomsmen gifts that they will actually use.

1.If you have a groomsman that is a high roller or just loves going to the casino, you can hit the jackpot by buying them a really nice Poker set that comes in a high quality wood box or a fancy casino set that incorporates a few different casino games. They will use it for years to come.
2.Maybe one of your groomsmen is a wine or beer connoisseur. Get them a subscription to a wine or beer of the month club for a year. You can give them a set of monogrammed beer mugs or wine glasses to go along with the subscription. Every month when that delivery comes, you will be thought of and your wedding will be remembered fondly.
3.Cuff links can make a great gift, but you don’t have to buy the same exact pair for each of your groomsmen. Try to choose a pair of cuff links that mean something or are personal. If your groomsman loves Superman movies, get him Superman cuff links. There are a very wide variety to choose from these days with everything from really classic and elegant ones to funny cartoon characters and superhero logos. Truly something for everyone!
4.The Spa is not just for women! Pamper your groomsmen with certificates for a spa day complete with massages. They will be in Heaven and will definitely enjoy this relaxing gift idea.
5.Engraved watches make a great groomsmen gift. Depending on the style of each groomsman in your wedding you can choose either a pocket watch or wrist watch. Have them engraved with a special quote and the date of your wedding for a timeless, elegant gift.
It might seem hard to choose gifts for the groomsmen in your wedding, but it doesn’t have to be. You can give really awesome gifts that your groomsmen will absolutely love. Use an idea from my 5 great groomsmen gifts that they will actually use and your gifts will be perfect!

5 Bridesmaid’s Gifts (That They Will Actually Love!)



5 Bridesmaid’s Gifts (That They Will Actually Love!)

bridesmaids gifts


When you are planning your wedding, you put a lot of thought into everything, especially who you are going to ask to be your bridesmaids. It should go without saying that you put just as much thought into choosing their gifts. We have all heard the horror stories of the ugly bridesmaids dress or a really cheesy gift that the bride gave the bridal party. Being a bridesmaid can be a lovely occasion or a nightmare. 

Make it a dream come true for your bridesmaids with these 5 bridesmaid’s gifts that they will actually love.

1. Every woman needs a little bit of self pampering sometimes. Give your bridesmaids a lovely gift that will allow them to pamper themselves after the big day is over. Make each set unique and customized to the bridesmaid it is for. A scented candle, bubble bath, lotion, bath pouf and body spray in each person’s favorite scent and colors makes a perfect gift that your bridesmaids will actually use and love. You can also add their favorite perfume and put it all together in a nice tote bag that you know they will use again and again.

2.Being a bridesmaid can be quite expensive. Between the dress, accessories, shoes and travel, it can be costly. One of the best gifts you can give your bridesmaids is to help with those expenses. Buy all or part of their outfit, pay for a hotel room or car rental or anything else you can do to ease some of the financial burden. You can then give each bridesmaid a small trinket or gift at the time of the wedding.
3. A piece of jewelry can be a perfect gift for your bridesmaids, but try stick to classic jewelry that has a special meaning to each of them. Put thought into each piece and select it with the recipient in mind. Don’t get anything too flashy (unless the bridesmaid loves flashy stuff, of course) because you want them to be able to wear it anytime for any occasion.
4.A year’s subscription to a box of the month club is an awesome gift that all of your bridesmaids will adore. Don’t subscribe to the same one for all of them, always make the gift as special and personal as you can. There are so many out there, you will have no problem choosing the perfect one for each bridesmaid and they will look forward to it coming in the mail each month.
5. Book them a spa facial, along with manicures, pedicures and their hair done the evening before the wedding. It’s a little bit of pampering that will have your bridesmaids looking and feeling their absolute best when they walk down the aisle for you. It’s also the perfect way to spend some time together, have a champagne toast and laugh, take lots of pictures and create memories of your last night as a single woman!
You can give everyone the same type of gift or you can give each bridesmaid something completely different, just keep in mind you want to stay in the same price range for all of them. If you aren’t sure what gift to give your bridesmaids use one or more of my 5 bridesmaids gifts that they will actually love and your gifts will be a hit!

Wedding Gift Ideas For The Couple That Has Everything


Wedding Gift Ideas For The Couple That Has Everything

So, you were invited to a wedding for the couple that has everything and you have absolutely no idea what to buy them. Well, you can stick to the registry and get them the same old things that everyone else is getting them or you can think outside the box and give them a gift that is as unique as they are. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are a few great wedding gift ideas for the couple that has everything.

They may already have a lovely home and everything they need to go in it but it doesn’t clean itself. You can arrange for a cleaning service to come in every other week for a couple of months. They will love not having to do the cleaning for the first couple of months of their marriage and they will think of you every time they sit back and relax in their spotless home. This gift is especially great for a couple with very busy schedules.

Subscription boxes are all the rage and it’s no wonder why. You can find a monthly subscription box for almost anything your heart desires. You can choose something traditional such as a fruit of the month type subscription or something more customized to their tastes. Candy, wine, beer, gourmet meals, juicing boxes, there is something for everyone. Decide which one you think they would enjoy and get them a year’s subscription. They will look forward to it every single month.

This next one will require some investigation on your part if you want to keep it a surprise. Find out where the couple is going on their honeymoon. Get as many details as possible about the destination and where they will be staying. Now, get online and research the area. Book a special event for them while on their honeymoon. It could be a fancy dinner in a local restaurant, a wine tasting at a vineyard, a romantic spa day or a special show. This gift takes some time and thought to put together but they will love it and enjoy it so much more than a toaster!

If you still can’t find the perfect wedding gift, go beyond giving them something material. Make a donation in their name to a charity they support or even name a star after them! Get creative, make it personal and I promise you will come up with a great wedding gift for the couple that has everything!

10 Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Really Love


10 Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Really Love

I have to admit, my favorite part of going to a wedding is getting to take home a wedding favor. I love wedding favors because they are a way to remember a very special day that you helped to celebrate with loved ones. They are a gift chosen by the bride and groom to thank you for sharing their wedding day with them. I have a collection of wedding favors that I have acquired over the years and I love them all, but the ones I really enjoy are those that I can use. Here are 10 wedding favors that your guests will really love!
1. Mini Cactus and Succulent plants are long lasting, easy to care for and can be placed on a windowsill or desk and enjoyed for a long time.
2. Homemade or rustic soaps packaged with a ribbon make a lovely wedding favor that can actually be used by your guests.
3. Scented candles can be put on display or burned and enjoyed by your guests over a period of time. 
4. Gourmet candy or cookies are a sweet gift that all your guests will love. A simple box or bag with a bow is all you need to present them.
5. Lip balm, travel sized hand sanitizer, lotion, mints and tissues in a small reusable bag are a great wedding favor that you can be sure your guests will use. 
6. Buy them a coffee! A $5 Starbucks gift card will be used and appreciated by everyone at your wedding. 
7. A recipe in a jar makes a great gift that will most definitely be used. Layer dry ingredients in a mason jar, cover lid with fabric, tie with a ribbon and add a gift tag with the recipe printed on one side and your names and wedding date on the other. 
8. Flip flops and sunglasses can make a great wedding favor for a beach wedding. Choose a gift based off of your wedding’s location or theme. 
9. A customized shot glass or wineglass along with a “nip” sized bottle of liquor or wine. Put the bottle in the glass and tie with a ribbon and gift tag. 
10. One of my favorite wedding favors ever was a bag of candy that I put together at the wedding’s candy buffet. Assorted bulk candies in large bowls with scoops to use to put the candy in the bags. Each guest takes a small favor bag and helps themselves. You can customize the colors to match your wedding colors or just go with a rainbow of candy colors. 
With a little bit of thought and creativity, you can choose wedding favors that will be a hit will all of your guests. If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at my 10 wedding favors that your guests will really love!

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