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How to start collecting.

How to Start Collecting

Collecting offers a great hobby to help keep you connected with something you love. Most collectors join groups of other collectors to help provide a social element. These groups often do things together, such as attend baseball games, if they happen to collect baseball cards or conventions for comic book lovers. Every group has their thing and this helps the collectors not only learn the history behind the items, but also connect with the social aspect associated with the things they collect.

Five Great Choices for Your New Collecting Hobby

1.  Baseball Cards

As mentioned above, collecting baseball cards can help you stay connected with the sport. It can also offer a great way to pass baseball onto the younger generation (a son perhaps). If you’re interested in more than just baseball, you can also college football, basketball, hockey and even soccer cards.

2.  Coins

From old coins to new coins, you can choose a variety of different types. Some love to collect coins from all the different places they have visited, while others look for rare coins to add to their collection. Whatever you choose, collecting coins offers a great hobby for anybody looking to collect something fascinating, full of history and possibly worth a large sum of money.

3.  Legos

One of the newer collectibles growing in popularity is collecting lego sets.  Since many sets are made from movies, such as Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, these collectibles may fit more than just one category. Collecting Legos offers a great opportunity to do something with a child, which they will also enjoy.

4.  Comic Books

Comics are another great collectible and range from very old to modern. Whether you enjoy the super hero stories or you just want to collect them because they’re rare, many find quite a bit of joy in collecting comic books. This type of collecting can also turn into collecting action figures and other items representing the characters within the comics.

5.  Rare Books

Books offer a different type of collectible often for an aspiring author or someone fascinated by stories. They come in all different types from old first editions to new best sellers. Collecting a library of books offers the opportunity to not only read each book, but also add rare and very valuable books to your collection.

Whatever you choose to start collecting, it’s best to choose something you can pass on to the next generation. Collecting not only offers a fun investment, but also offers the opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children. Take this into consideration when choosing something you want to start collecting.


facial scrub recipes from what you already have in the kitchen!

How do you make a facial scrub?

My daughter is all over youtube watching videos and learning. She wanted us to make a face scrub from things that we already have. So we did. It was so easy.  

Here’s the facial scrub recipe in pictures! 

facial scrub
Ingredients: Honey, Lemon juice, and sugar


I eyeballed it and did 1/8 c sugar
I eyeballed it and did 1/8 c sugar


Add two squirts of lemon and about two tablespoons of honey. It makes a lot and you end up with leftovers that you can refridgerate.
Add two squirts of lemon and about two tablespoons of honey. It makes a lot and you end up with leftovers that you can refridgerate.


Here's my girl putting it on her face! She loved it!
Here’s my girl putting it on her face! She loved it!




Me putting it on my silly face!
Me putting it on my silly face!

facial scrub is easy and fun to make! 

We let it sit for ten minutes and then washed it off. My face was so soft.  All the ingredients are all natural and good for your skin! Something you’d feel comfortable putting on even your favorite girl! Love her! She was so happy we did this! What have you made that was much more inexpensive and better for you too? Leave me a note in comments!






Let the kids help you set a pretty table for Valentine’s Day.

With Valentine’s Day coming up I’ve been thinking of pretty ways to dress up our normal boring dinners. The kids love it when we do simple things to make dinner special. You can add pretty candles and dim the lights.  Let the kids put a pretty table cloth on the table and make placemats and name place cards too. Our kids just love to be involved. I was looking for a tableclothsfactory coupon code so we can dress up our table for Valentine’s Day with the kids.  It’s so easy to make a pretty table. If you have a pretty piece of red fabric, a nice red throw or even red sheets would make the table look beautifully set with some pretty white dishes and candles.  What my table setting needs is a pretty red table cloth!

Another way to get your kids involved in Valentine’s Day preparations is to let them make menus for the table and help you plan the dinner. With them helping to cook and planning the menu they will feel so much more a part of the holiday. Feeling like you matter in a family is important. Letting the kids help in the ways that they are able to is a great motivator for them. They can take pride in choosing what side to have with dinner or helping make the dessert and set the table. Being a part of a family means giving them things to be in charge of.  Dress up your table, let the kids help you plan and make dinner and Valentine’s Day is sure to be a big success!

Valentine Pinterest Ideas!

Pinterest has so many cute ideas.  Here’s the cute valentine ideas I found this week most of which I made. They are super easy and quick ideas to get your craft juices going and baking juices flowing. (I just heard you groan. Meh it’s staying in the post!)

 heart sun catcher craft with what ingredients you already have

Check out my video on the Heart Sun Catchers Craft. I made it with glue and colored sugar on wax paper. Then let it dry and you can put a hole in it and hang it in the window or use it as a decoration on a card. The possibilities are endless. I love crafting with items I already have in my home. So check out my youtube video, subscribe and then make your own! 


And then after the glue dried!

Please subscribe to my youtube channel for more fun crafts, recipes and challenges by me and my girl!

Check out my other post on  getting crafty with Valentine’s day crafts for kids, my super easy and yummy Valentine’s Day Cake, 2 ingredient Valentine’s Fudge and my tasty Valentine’s Day drinks for kids and adults and follow me on pinterest for more fun activities!

Looking for other craft ideas? Check out the St. Patrick’s Day ideas I have done in the past and look for more to come. I have a great Lemonade Pie recipe,Shamrock printing, and Shamrock sugar cookies in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast theme and more! 


Cute Valentine Ideas that don’t cost much!

Really cute valentine ideas for you and hubby! I hope you enjoy and let me know which ideas you are going to use by leaving it in a comment! These were all pinned to pinterest and I give them all the credit.

Such cute ideas! I love me some Pinterest!

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