Gardening preparation


I’m missing my garden. It’s winter and I’ve not grown anything since late October. I love to garden. It makes me feel so amazing to grown and prepare my own food. I’m one of those people that live in a subdivision and dream of owning chickens (don’t think I’ve not looked into I have! ) Here’s what I’m doing now to get my gardening fix. 

Planning and purchasing my seeds. I always try to buy the heirloom seeds. If you buy any other seeds at any  store there’s a huge chance you are getting GMO seeds. I do not want modified seeds. I purchase my supplies from Territorial Seed Company. 

Planning what I want to grow and when I can put it in the ground. I would love to be able to plant a cold crop but it’s just not very easy to do here. Plus it’s too much wear and tear on my poor hubby’s body. So here’s what I’m planning to put in the boxes that are cold crops. I’m going to plant some cabbage, kale, and turnips on my back deck. Then in May when I can put it in the ground I’ll plant tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, squash of all kinds, watermelon, peppers (bell and banana), basil, zuchini, carrots, onions, celery, broccoli, spinach and whatever else I can think of. I’m hoping this will be the year my raspberries really produce. 🙂 I’ll let you know. What do you like to plant in your garden? Are you trying anything new this year? 

10 Ideas for Raised Bed Gardens

raised gardens


Gardening is what I love. It gives me a sense of peace when I work out in my garden and grow food for my family. I do it every year and it saves my family tons of money. Here’s some ideas I found for great raised bed gardens. Check them out and see if you can’t grow your own food too!  

6 Panel Tiered Resin Raised Garden Kit

Raised Garden Bed

Great for growing your own vegetables. Rigid resin construction in maintenance ree- no painting, splinters, or rotting.Can be Built into multiple garden shapes.

Tiered Cedar Raised Garden Bed


This raised garden bed frame assembles without any tools! Simply use a hand screw driver to install the decorative tops. Tiered design is perfect for deep rooted vegetables.

Lifetime Raised Garden Bed Kit


The Lifetime Raised Garden Bed Kit contains an Early Start clear vinyl plastic tent enclosure and two 4×4 garden beds that can be used separately or stacked for an extra-deep bed. It is designed with 8 easy-to-assemble interlocking panels of polyethylene plastic with rust-resistant zinc-coated screws.

Raised Safe Finish Garden bed, Trellis Kit


The Gronomics Cedar Raised Garden Bed is the ideal planter for novice and hobby gardeners alike. Raised garden beds are ideal for small plots of vegetables and/or flowers. With these beds you eliminate tilling, soil amending, and minimize weeding. They are quick and easy to assemble plant and maintain. Easily adapt square foot gardening techniques to these beds. The trellis will save space and maximize your growing area and product.

L-Shaped Modular Raised Garden Bed


The “L” Shaped Modular Raised Garden Bed offers 80 Square Feet of garden area. With easy access, your veggies are within arm’s reach. This unit fits nicely in a corner or anywhere you want to plant vegetables, fruit or herbs. Raised beds are planters with open bottoms so plant roots can penetrate the ground below. With these beds you eliminate tilling, soil amending, and minimize weeding.

Rabbit-proof Raised Garden Bed with Two Trellises



Made of cedar, this garden bed is ideal for growing vegetables. The 20″ high beds are easy on the back and allow plenty of root space. The fencing folds down for easy access to the plants and soil. In the upright position, the fencing keeps out rabbits and most dogs. The 4’8″ trellises are ideal for vining plants such as cucumbers, peas and green beans or plants that need support such as tomatoes. The trellises can be attached either to the rear or the sides of the garden bed.

Exaco Trading HERB SPIRAL Raised Garden Bed


This unique, versatile raised bed planter can be assembled in a spiral or hexagonal shape, along with numerous other shapes and heights. You can create high level raised beds so that you do not need to bend down to the ground; great for people with limited back motion or handicapped gardeners. The kit consists of 36 individual “bricks” that can be easily assembled in several different ways without tools.

Raised Bed Gardening – low cost, high yield and simply done


Are you bending over, weeding, digging over and collecting snails in the evening, but still having to share your harvest with them? For many who have just caught the gardening bug, they end up instead burying all their garden dreams deep into the earth. Commercially available raised beds make a lot of work easier but they cost a fortune. In this book an alternative to the expensive models is presented and clearly describes how you can successfully grow your own vegetables with the least time, energy and money.

Frame-It-All Veggie Wall Expandable Stainless Steel Trellis System


Expandable Trellis System adapts to all Frame-It-All raised gardens or directly into the ground. Ideal for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, pole beans, squash, and flowering vines. Increases air circulation – allowing plants to dry out quicker after watering reducing plat diseases. Provides plants greater access to sunlight, increasing photosynthesis.

Elevated Cedar Planter Box, 2′ x 8′



At 29″ high, this attractive cedar planter is the perfect height for easy growing, eliminating the need to stoop, bend, kneel and reach. It’s a generous 10″ deep so you can grow big plants like tomatoes and root crops like carrots. With 16 square feet of growing space, there’s plenty of room for multiple crops, yielding a generous harvest.

My poor garden 4 things to do to get it ready for next year


I tried to save my plants by covering them this past week. We had 3 days below 30* and I just knew I could save them by simply covering my sweet plants. I was still getting tomatoes, peppers, and kale. Well after the 3 days below freezing I now only have kale. Everything else died. I was so hoping I could keep my tomatoes as they were still really producing until December. I picked all the tomatoes off the vine and brought them in to slowly ripen. I managed not to cry! Here’s 4 things you can do to get your garden ready for next year. 

1. Grab your clippers out of your Sheds and Things and cut back the plants that are still growing tall. 

2. Pull out all the tomato stakes, stakes and anything you are using to hold up your plants.

3. Pull the old tall plants out and put them in your compost. 

4. Mow the rest of the garden down after you’ve removed all the big limbs, plants, etc. 

If you know what your garden needs, mulch, nitrogen, etc then go ahead and put that down too. Whatever you can do now that will help you have a good garden next year you need to do. I love the veggies I get out of my garden every year and I will do my best to get my garden ready so I have a good crop next year. What do you do to prepare your garden for next year?


Birdhouses aren’t just for the birds!

Unique Designs for Birdhouses

One great way to add something unique to your garden is by installing a birdhouse. These contraptions will end up making a lovely home for the birds that will choose to nest in them. However, deciding to have a birdhouse is one thing. Next up you will have to select a design and there are many of them to choose from. Besides simply selecting something that has a crazy design, you can also choose one that matches an overall theme seen throughout the entire garden. In terms of color and shape, you can find one that matches other items in your garden such as the chairs, tables, gazebo covers etc. On the other hand, you could choose the complete opposite, something that stands out immediately.

1. Animal Shapes
If you are really fond of a particular animal, there aren’t many items you cannot find in its shape. A birdhouse is no exception. Choose your favorite and hang it in the garden. You can even go with a cat, even though it might be hard to convince birds to willingly go inside a cat’s mouth.


2. Miniature Home
Who’s to say that just because a bird lives in it, the birdhouse cannot look like an actual house? Well…nobody, since these kinds of designs are very popular. You can choose the style you want, whether it is something modern or a classic Victorian era house. What will impress you the most is the sheer attention to detail crafted into each design.

3. Fruits
A fruit birdhouse design is very appealing mainly because of its bright color. The color will obviously depend on the type of fruit, but most of them feature striking colors such as red or yellow and these will attract birds easier.


For all of your garden decorating needs, visit and choose from a multitude of products the ones that suit your preferences.

How does your garden grow?

We are half way through Summer here in the south. How is your garden growing? Here’s some updated pictures of mine! 

tomatoeszucchini squash butternut peppers


Trying something new with pictures. Not sure if I like it or not. In order of appearance in the garden from the top we have: tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, butternut squash and banana peppers. 

Something I had never tried before this summer is zucchini and squash cut up straight out of the garden and eaten like a veggie tray. Oh em gee why had no one ever told me about this yummy little gem of goodness? It was so good. We have had it on salads, by itself and of course we cooked them also. It was all so good!  I need a new squash recipe. Do you have one I’ve not tried? Please let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading and gardening friends. 

My garden overfloweth!


Well, not really. But it’s a start.  I’m so happy to see my gardening efforts begin to pay off. I have here 4 banana peppers and 2 zucchini.  I plan on trying a new recipe for zucchini fries soon and very soon. You can bet I will share it with you!  Happy gardening my friends. What’s coming in in your garden?

Repurposed Wheel Barrel into garden art!

I have  a new piece of garden art and I’m in love with it. What should I plant in it? I’m thinking something edible that maybe climbs so it will go down and around it. Here’s my free garden art. 

repurposed wheelbarrel as garden art
What should I plant in it?


Leave me a comment and tell me what to plant!

Gardening with my girl #gardeningforbeginners

My daughter and I planted our seedlings this past weekend. We began by getting our pots and planters and placing rocks in the bottom so only water goes out the hole in the bottom not the soil. Then my girl helped me. Here it is in pictures! 

She put rocks in the bottom and then soil on top.


She put her finger in the soil to make a space for the seed.
Then she covered the seed up and watered it.
Then she covered the seed up and watered it.

We had a great time together. She loves to plant with me and I love that I get to spend time with her. We planted beans, peas, lettuce, spinach and so much more. We love harvesting our garden and eating out of it all summer.  It’s been a few days now and we can already see the seeds sprouting. It’s so rewarding. If you’ve not planted a garden before just do it. It’s so easy and so rewarding for you and the family. If you have gardening questions ask me. I may not know it but I’ll look it up and find out for you! 



Sustainable gardening is easy to do with Scotts!

This post brought to you by Scotts Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

 photo 6d50af2c-aba7-44e2-b0ed-d3510804d726_zps3aae88a5.jpg I’ve been working out in my garden to get it ready. So far I’ve gotten almost everything planted. Trying to get my tomatoes to grow some before I plant them in the ground. I planted everything from seed this year! I’m all about sustainable gardening and with Scott’s it’s pretty easy to accomplish that. Scotts Florida Select Natural Eucalyptus Mulch is here to help us. It’s mulch that is made from eucalyptus from Florida and for Florida. It’s sustainable, local, cost effective and all natural. I love that! As I’ve been getting my gardening supplies ready to put my garden in I thought I’d share a list of what I always use to garden. 

  1. Garden gloves I always use my garden gloves. Old school? Maybe but they save my hands from blisters.
  2. Shovel to dig those holes and plant those seeds or small plants in the ground.
  3. Hoe to hoe up the hardened dirt and make a row to put the seeds in.
  4. Water to end the day watering what you planted. 

In case you’re not in Florida Scott also makes Scotts Nature Scapes mulch and it comes in 3 beautiful colors.

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-04at13630PM_zps587e6b17.pngDeep Forest Brown photo ScreenShot2013-04-04at13636PM_zpsf0e45903.png

Beautiful colors that will make your flower beds and shrubs stand out against the ground. Make your yard beautiful and let Scotts help. Here’s some pics of me and my girl planting our garden and our container gardens. 


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Already planning my garden! Pinterest gardening ideas!

As I sit here reflecting on the things I need to do, I find it’s more fun to think and plan my garden.  I want it to be bigger and better laid out this year. Meaning I want to utilize my flower beds more for my ground cover vegetables like squash, melons, etc. I have flower beds that are fairly empty except for a lone bush or two. I can better utilize those by putting vegetables in there. Maybe green bean plants, they look like bushes and I get to nourish my family by caring for them. Here’s some pinterest ideas for my garden and yours! I can’t wait. Are you planning your garden yet? What do you like to grow?


Love the use of the vertical space. This is one thing I need to do this year!


Another great use of vertical space.

Source: via Raven on Pinterest

Love the use of space here. Not an inch spared!

Source: via Lauri on Pinterest

Last year I planted kale, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, butter lettuce, cucumbers, onions, beans, squash (yellow and zucchini), canteloupe and watermelon. Is anyone else planning their garden already? I get excited just thinking about it. I’m a garden geek!

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