3 Ways to have the best Hen party!

3 ways to have a Hen Party

3 Ways that the Best Hens Party Supplies in Melbourne are Found Online Weddings are a big deal, and so are the Hens parties that come before the big day. While tradition runs rampant in these parties, every bride wants a touch of individuality for their Hens party. This is more than just a party, […]

$100 Amazon and $30 to iTunes #giveaway 4/5 US and CA

Everyone I know loves to shop. It’s so much more fun when you shop with other people’s money. Why not enter to win this fun giveaway of $100 to Amazon and another $30 to iTunes. Raise your hands if you love to shop online? Do you see yourself sitting there with your hand raised? Sad. […]

How to Spring Clean with HomeRight and a giveaway

How to Spring Clean With HomeRight I hate cleaning. Cleaning my house is just not on my list of things to do. I wish it was but it’s not. I’ve even considered getting a housekeeper. But I need more money for that. So until then I’m going to try what Heidi’s been doing! Check it […]

5 Great Groomsmen Gifts (That They Will Actually Use!)

5 Great Groomsmen Gifts

              5 Great Groomsmen Gifts (That They Will Actually Use!) If you are having trouble choosing groomsmen gifts you came to the right place. You want to give your groomsmen gifts that they will actually use, not something that is going to get thrown in a drawer and forgotten […]

5 Bridesmaid’s Gifts (That They Will Actually Love!)

bridesmaids gifts

    5 Bridesmaid’s Gifts (That They Will Actually Love!)   When you are planning your wedding, you put a lot of thought into everything, especially who you are going to ask to be your bridesmaids. It should go without saying that you put just as much thought into choosing their gifts. We have all […]

Wedding Gift Ideas For The Couple That Has Everything


Wedding Gift Ideas For The Couple That Has Everything So, you were invited to a wedding for the couple that has everything and you have absolutely no idea what to buy them. Well, you can stick to the registry and get them the same old things that everyone else is getting them or you can […]

Branson Prize Package Giveaway 3/31US

Branson Prize Package Giveaway   Do you need a vacation or just want to get away? Then this giveaway is for you because we are giving away a getaway to Branson, MO! Branson is one of our favorite vacation destinations because it is beautiful, has lots to see and do and is only a short […]

10 Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Really Love


10 Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Really Love I have to admit, my favorite part of going to a wedding is getting to take home a wedding favor. I love wedding favors because they are a way to remember a very special day that you helped to celebrate with loved ones. They are a […]

$150 to Buy Dig #giveaway

I don’t know about you but I’m always needing a new something electronic. Whether it be a printer, camera, new phone or a computer something always breaks and has to be replaced. Why not save yourself from spending the cash on it and enter to win this gift card to help you!! Check out the […]

Luv Chicken Booster Seat Giveaway 2/13 US #luvchicken1@luvchicken1

luv chicken

Okay let me just say that I think my grandmother would have enjoyed using this in her car. She always sat on phone books when she was driving places! So it’s not just for a child! LOL I do think that when my daughter was younger she would have liked this instead of a high […]

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